Back in Black

This is not the post I was hoping to write this weekend! I had really hoped that I’d have my Republique du Chiffon Madeleine Dress finished for my friends 30th birthday party last night, but last weekend I was struck down with some god awful bug so I never made it past the muslin stage. I definitely did not trust myself with my gorgeous fabric and scissors when my head was so wooly and I was sneezing with such alarming force. I’m still not 100% better (I’ve still got sinus pain and a cough like a seal with a furball), but I’m functioning well enough that I managed to whip up this simple skirt on Saturday in time to be worn to the party that night. 

I am having a terrible hair day in these pictures, I have no idea what’s going on with it. It looked fine from the front!

This is the Sew Over It Tulip Skirt, made up in a cotton blend from The Fabric Store. It was super quick and simple to make, even in my less than sharp mental state. I’ve made the mini version here, though there is also a knee length version. I’d like to have a go at making one in the longer length for summer in linen or something similar. I think it probably needs to be made in a fabric with some body to hold the pleats, this cotton works really well to hold the pretty shape of the skirt.
The fabric is very silver on the reverse, it would be fun to use in a garment where both sides could be seen!  I’ve only used one other Sew Over It pattern (the Vintage Shirt Dress), but in both cases they are excelent patterns. The skirt went together so easily, it was lovely to sew. Unfortunately, its turned out a bit small in the waistband (as you can probably tell in these pictures), its cutting in at the top edge. I’m pretty sure this is down to my body shape rather than the pattern or sizing though! Curved waistbands often don’t sit right on my super short waist, I just don’t think there is room between the top of my hips and the bottom of my ribcage for a wide curved waistband. I might try a slightly thinner straight waistband if I make it again.


I do like this skirt though, even if it is slightly less confortable than it could be! Its cute and looks good with tights and boots or with heels for a slightly more formal look. And it has pockets! Always a big plus.

I also made my top, its another Lark tee in fine black merino ( I’ve been making a few Larks recently, but I’ll try to add them into other posts. There are only so many tee shirt posts you can read!). I chose the scoop neck and 3/4 sleeve combo this time, and added a keyhole and shell button to the back neckline because I can’t help meddling with patterns. 

It was a very mathematical and carefully thought out addition (not). After cutting out the back but before unfolding it, I drew around a whiskey tumbler to get a half circle centred on the fold so that the bottom of the circle was roughly level with the bottom of the armscye. Then I drew a straight line from the edge of the circle up to the central point of the neckline, then cut it out. I overlocked the edge, then ironed it under and topstitched it down with a twin needle. Then I assembled the rest of the top as usual. I sewed the neckband on flat rather than in the round, and then overlapped it slightly at the centre back and sewed the button through both layers of neckband. I was inspired by this Anthropologie top, and I think it turned out pretty well! 


Camilla Tee, Anthropologie. Found via pinterest.
Its getting to the time of year when merino tee shirts make a perfect layering item, so I’m glad to have another one in my wardrobe! 

16 thoughts on “Back in Black

  1. Nice work! I have issues with waistbands too – I am very straight through in the waist and find I always need to go up a size in the waistband and grade the top of the skirt or pant to match. Your skirt and top are both super cute!

  2. This is a pretty outfit, too! You were so right not to cut into precious fabric being ill. There will be other occasions to wear the Madeleine dress!

  3. First, your hair is super cute!! And that seal cough comment made me laugh! I hope you get feeling better soon!
    In the meantime this skirt, while simple is gorgeous! I have similar issues with skirt waistband too, I often do better with thinner ones. That cut-out on your Lark is awesome too – it really takes a plain black tee up a notch. I’ve totally hopped on the Lark tee addiction train – such a great pattern!

    1. Thanks Heather šŸ˜Š I’m definitely getting better, its just taking longer than I expected! I know what you mean about the Lark Addiction Train, I feel like every piece of jersey in my stash is earmarked for one!

  4. Fabulous top and I’m surprised you can even be bothered when you feel like a seal coughing up a furball (that made me LOL, like literally!). The question on everyone’s lips? Did you have the whiskey glass at hand due to self medication?!!
    Hope you get better really soon Kirsten. x

    1. Nothing like a hot toddy when you’ve got a headcold! And my cough scared the crap out of the cat, so it must have been pretty bad! Thanks Lesley, I’m feeling much better this week šŸ™‚

    1. I’ve been wondering that myself! I definitely have enough fabric. I’m assuming I could just cut a straight waistband and replace it with no weird things happening…

  5. This is such a fun outfit! I love the skirt shape and the fabric you picked is perfect! Your Lark tee is a dead ringer for the Anthro top– the keyhole is a great detail.

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