On My Way to Linden Town

Another double banger post today! This is actually the other half of my sewing marathon last weekend, when I decided I was only sewing season appropriate clothes which could be assembled completely on my overlocker. The Linden Sweatshirt definitely fills both of those criteria, as well as a hole in my wardrobe! This post is a bit light on photos, because I was having a case of serious derp face this morning. These were the best I could do…

The first one is view B, cropped with no bands. Its made up in ponte from The Fabric Warehouse, bought at the same time as the mustard I used for my first Brume Skirt. The fabric is weird but awesome, the lace pattern is flocked so its a bit fuzzy. I’ve used the wrong side for the sleeves, so they’re fuzzy on the inside!


I had originally planned to use some plain black knit to make the neckband, but when I was trying it on to check the fit after sewing up the side seams I decided I really liked it without the band. Instead I used a strip of bias tape as a facing, the same as I would do for a woven top. The neckline is wide enough that my head fits through it without it needing to stretch, thankfully! In hindsight, I should have sewn on the knit neckband and turned that under and topstitched it down, to keep the neckline sitting flat, as it stuck up quite a lot until I steamed it into submission. It sits almost flat now…

I was sewing this top about an hour before I needed to leave for my little sisters birthday dinner, so I put my makeup on before I was totally happy with how the neckline was sitting (most efficient use of limited bathroom time). I decided it could do with another burst of steam, so I whipped it off and ironed it a bit more, which made it sit much better. Happily I looked in the mirror again before I left, because it had left a whole lot of black velvet dust stuck to my foundation where I caught it on my chin/jaw. The 5 o’clock shadow look was not quite what I was aiming for!

The second Linden I made last weekend was version A, full length and with bands. Its made in the most delicious merino wool sweatshirting, its so fleecy and fluffy and soft on the inside! 
Seriously, so cuddly…

I jazzed it up a bit by adding strips of lace along the raglan seams. I’ve been planning a version like this since I lost my mind over this amazing version over on Katy&Laney. That lace Laney used is so incredible! I couldn’t find anything even remotely that gorgeous, but I think this lace trim looks ok. The black looks nice with the deep wine colour of the sweatshirt, so I used black for the neckband too. Originally I used black for the hem band as well, because I didn’t have any more of the merino left, but I was really unhappy with the way it looked. I just felt like there was something off about it, so I put it aside for a few days while I figured out how to rescue it.

Eventually I trotted back to The Fabric Store and bought an extra 20cm strip of the main fabric to make the hem band. i also shortened it by 2″, and I’m feeling much happier with the results! I feel much less frumpy in it than I did before. Funny how such a small change can completely alter your perception of a garment! Its still not perfect, I think next time I’ll take some width off the centre back when I’m cutting out, as its a bit baggier than I’d like. I like the fit of the front though, so I can’t just take it in! 

So there we go, another week of one pattern two ways. Which one is your favourite? I think the long sleeved version wins for me, just because its so warm and snuggly. I’m looking forward to wearing it to work in the morning when it gets really cold (not that I’m not wearing it now, even though its not really that cold…)

20 thoughts on “On My Way to Linden Town

    1. Thanks! The family who owned our house before us had a wee boy, I’m pretty sure this was his room. I’m glad its the colour it is, not bright pink like the other kids bedroom!

  1. Hi, I’ve just discovered your blog through Leimomi’s, love your style! Both tops look great, and the merino one sounds sooo cozy, perfect!

  2. Love the stripes and flock! And it does double duty for male impersonator parties?!
    I read somewhere that the reason 7/8 length sleeves are so flattering besides showing a woman’s erotic wrists (!) is that it narrows the width of the hip because if the sleeve were longer they would add to the hip fabric if that makes sense? So by choosing a different fabric for the sleeves it would have the same effect. Clearly shorter sleeves would have one’s wrists freezing in winter!
    Relating to the anecdote behind your head – never a truer word…
    Looks like you had a fruitful sewing weekend!

    1. Thats interesting, I hadn’t thought of the sleeves adding width to the hip! Thats something I’ll think about more carefully in the future too. I don’t think stubble was a good look for me πŸ˜›

  3. They look great. I like the lace on the red one, but I love the floral fabric even more! πŸ™‚ And I like the cropped one a lot on you. Maybe I should try a cropped Linden too. πŸ˜‰

  4. I really like both of these! The lace trim is such a great detail. I need to be on the lookout for something similar so I can make myself a “fancy” Linden!

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