Me Made May 2015: the first half

Welp, the first half of May is over already! My #mmmay15 pledge was that I would try to wear at least one hand made item five (or more) days a week. I’m quite excited to say that I’ve managed at least one self made garment every day for the past two weeks! This is how my month has looked so far…

1) Grainline Moss Mini (with cats!) and a merino Jennifer Lauren Vintage Bronte tee

2) Stripey Linden Sweatshirt (also a Grainline Studio pattern)

3) Bronte tee again (fresh off the washing line!) and Deer and Doe Brume Skirt

4) Long sleeved Bronte tee in striped merino

5) Merino Colette Moneta 

6) Lace trimmed Linden Sweatshirt

7) Schnittchen Malu Raincoat and Striped Linden

8) Button Back Grainline Hemlock tee

9) Striped Hemlock

10) By Hand London Victoria Blazer (for Mothers day Lunch :D)

11) Dotty Chambray Archer shirt

12) Bronte tee and Brume skirt

13)  Hemlock tee and gingham Archer shirt

14) Papercut Coppelia cardigan

15) Grainline knit Scout Tee and Linden Sweatshirt

So, some immediate observations:

  • Grainline Studio Patterns kinda dominate my wardrobe! (Not a bad thing)
  • I could do with some hand made bottoms! I really do need to get moving on some Ginger Jeans.
  • I should make a couple of fancy tops. I’ve been out a few times this month, and it would have been nice to have some flash tops to dress up my jeans.
  • I don’t like my merino Moneta. I don’t feel good in it, so I think it might get made into something else. I love the fabric, its lovely and squishy and warm, but it was a bad choice for the pattern. Hopefully I can recycle it into something I like wearing.
  • I’ve been wearing either my Augusta Hoodie or my Malu Raincoat every day, so I’m glad to have both in my wardrobe!

I haven’t found it too hard to put together outfits containing handmade garments (benefits to mostly sewing basic separates!), but I’m finding it a bit challenging to get decent outfit photos when I leave the house before dawn and get home in the dark. I can’t even get a photo at work, because I wear scrubs! So sorry that they’re a bit rubbish, but I’m sure you get the general idea…

8 thoughts on “Me Made May 2015: the first half

  1. It looks like your handmades are pretty seamlessly integrated into your wardrobe! (Even if the photos are kind of a chore to manage.) Also, this is an object lesson in the usefulness of making coats (self, take notice).

  2. I’ve just discovered your blog through my sister’s blog (Self Preservation), and I am very glad I have! Your outfits for Me Made May are lovely! 🙂

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