Me Made May 15: the second half

Here we go, the last two weeks worth of MMM posts…

16) Merino Briar with leather shoulder patches

17) Colourblocked Renfrew tee (does it count as colour blocking when both bits are the same colour? This is more pattern blocking, I guess…)

18) Mustard Brume Skirt 

19) Gingham Scout tee and fuzzy Linden sweatshirt

20) Coppelia Cardigan and Nettie Bodysuit

21) short sleeved Bronte Tee

22) Chambray Archer shirt

23) Nettie bodysuit and wool Hollyburn 

24) another (different) gingham Scout tee

25) merino Renfrew tee

26) striped Linden

27) Bronte top times two

28) Coppelia cardigan and grey Brume skirt

29) Chambray Archer again

30) Wool Hollyburn skirt


31) Lace Scout tee and locket made a few years ago when I took a silversmithing course.

So, what have I learned these last two weeks? Aside from reinforcing the points from my last MMM round up (make bottoms, especially jeans, make some dressy tops, etc), I have realised that I could do with some more jumpers. Can’t wait to finish knitting my Wickerwork pullover! The Nettie bodysuit also filled a surprisingly big hole in my winter wardrobe, so I’ll be making a bunch more using up the pile of left over merino pieces I have stashed. I don’t know if I’ll be wearing them as outerwear, but they’ll be great for layering. I’m also surprised how many times I wore my short sleeved Bronte Tee (once a week), so maybe I should make another one of those. Or maybe its just because its my only black teeshirt..?

The other thing I’ve learned is that I actually like a lot of my RTW clothes, and that maybe I don’t want an entirely hand made wardrobe. I’ve only bought a handful of RTW clothes since the beginning of last year, and I’ve cleared out a huge amount of ill fitting or poorly made RTW from my wardrobe, so what I have left is all stuff I really enjoy wearing. That isn’t a huge revelation, but I guess it means I should stop feeling guilty if I buy something I really like instead of making it! 

Enough navel gazing! How have you found MMM15, if you’ve been playing along? Any blinding revelations?

14 thoughts on “Me Made May 15: the second half

  1. It should come as no surprise to you that my favourite outfit of this roundup is the red skirt/striped top! I have come to the conclusion that I can definitely live without making jeans having just bought 2 new fab pairs, and am loving them. I agree, you don’t have to make everything!

    1. Seconded! I too finally found jeans that fit — and dissatisfaction with fit was the main reason I started sewing. So when you find something that does work… Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

      Also, I’m pretty impressed that you did some silversmithing. Talk about me-made living.

      1. Thats what I think too πŸ™‚ I took a silversmithing course a few years ago, before I started sewing. It was so much fun, I’d love to go back and do some more classes!

    2. Glad its not just me! I want to have a go at making jeans for the technical challenge they pose, but I’m happy enough with my RTW jeans that it isn’t a desperate need. I love that striped top, I wish I could find a black on white breton striped knit!

  2. You have some great outfits here and I’m glad you are figuring out the right mix of handmade and RTW in your wardrobe. I find that I mostly wear me-mades, but of the RTW I do wear, it’s only the really well-fitting and well-loved pieces that get worn. I so much pickier now.

    1. Thanks Heather! I’ve become really picky about RTW too, most of the things I see in shops now do nothing for me. I’m too used to the freedom of choosing my own fabric and pattern and details!

  3. Hard to believe MMM is over, but I’m so glad it is! Basically I failed in a big way. I do not have enough me made warm clothes. Had May been a summer season I might have managed it. Actually I found the concept useful, I don’t want to make ALL my clothes either! I’m quite happy making some and filling in with shop bought items. I have lots of bottoms, no jackets and very few beautiful tops – so jackets and tops are a priority for me. Off to cut out a Cascade duffle!

    1. Ooh, I’ve got most of the stuff for my Cascade duffle too, I’m just struggling to find a lining I like. Can’t wait to see yours! I would find MMM much easier in the northern hemisphere too…

  4. Looks like MMMay was a great success for you! I didn’t really take part, but I wear home sewn outfits every day anyway and am pretty aware of my wardrobe shortcomings. Yay sewing!

  5. It looks like you had a successful May. I have the same feelings about RTW clothes. Sometimes it’s great just to buy a thing you know you will like and wear a lot without any shame! That’s fine! πŸ™‚

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