Rocky Bottoms

I often buy patterns that take my fancy as soon as I see them, but I don’t often bump them up to the top of my sewing queue. The Named Minttu Swing Top was one example of a pattern I bought and made immediately, and apparently the Megan Nielsen Flint Pants are another!


I have to admit, these trousers are pretty far outside my usual comfort zone! I tend to go for close fitting garments on my bottom half, skinny jeans and pegged trousers are my standard fare. Cropped wide leg trousers are definitely an anomaly in my wardrobe, I still think they’re probably too fashionable and “cool girl” for me! I loved the samples and the line drawings though, and then I found this slate grey crepe for $3 p/m at The Fabric Warehouse sale and thought I should push myself and give them a go (also, slate+flint=rocky bottoms! Terrible pun, but I’m not deleting it…).


The pattern sewed up really quickly and easily, the lack of zipper or complicated closure definitely helped to speed things up! Instead, the waistband opens at the left pocket, with the pocket itself acting as a kind of gusset to let you in and out of the trousers, and is held closed by two buttons (or by really cute ties, which I am definitely going to try when I make the shorts version next summer!). I made up a straight size small, and I think the fit is really good. I did have to take an inch off the bottom, and I used a 2 inch hem allowance, but I’m only 158cm tall (5’2″ ish), so that’s to be expected. I considered taking a bit more off the hem, but I couldn’t decide if they looked funny shorter or not. What do you think of the length?



This crepe fabric was a pretty good pick for these trousers I think! Its lovely and heavy and swishy, which I think helps them not look too overwhelming or clownish. It’s pretty thick, so I did have to grade the seams at the waistband pretty enthusiastically, especially around the pleats and pockets. It’s also polyester (I know, I know, but it’s so drapey and nice, and it was so cheap!), so it doesn’t crease or press very well, so the front pleats aren’t exactly crisp, but that’s ok. it also means they won’t wrinkle with wear, which is a win!


As usual, I didn’t exactly make things easy for myself. I somehow managed to snip a hole right in the middle of the right front piece as I was cutting it out. I don’t know how I managed it, I must have been waving my scissors around like a maniac, but it was instant panic stations because I definitely didn’t have enough fabric to cut out another leg! In the end, I fused a scrap of interfacing to the hole, and then hand mended it. Thank god it’s mostly hidden in the pleat, because it’s far from an invisible mend! Hopefully most people shouldn’t be looking too closely at my pleats…


Realistically this is probably how I’ll be wearing my Flint Trousers most of the time, with a tee shirt and flats (the tee shirt is a long sleeved Lark Tee, in a lovely cotton/lycra from Tessuti. I’ve made a few Larks which haven’t made it to the blog yet, I’ll try to sneak them into other posts!), but I think they look nice dressed up with heels and a cami or other fancy top too. Once I have a job which requires grown up clothing rather than pyjamas scrubs, I think they’d be a good addition to a work wardrobe! I think I’ll make another Nettie Bodysuit to wear with these, anything to stop my top wrinkling up underneath them.


Apologies for these pictures being a bit dark, it’s so gloomy today! The clocks went back for winter in New Zealand overnight, so while I was pleased to get a bonus hour, I’m also bummed that now its going to be getting dark by 5.30-6pm! I need to get a brighter lightbulb for the lamp in my sewing room so that I can do stuff in the evenings…

29 thoughts on “Rocky Bottoms

  1. A success I think, fit’s good, the fabric works despite it’s unprepossesing label, the flare is nice, and I doubt if the mend will hit anyone in the eye.

  2. I think the length is right. They’re not bad pants — as I’m examining them I’m wondering if they’re the pattern for some light weight denim I have. I really like a wide leg look. They fit you well.

  3. You’ve really sold me on the Flint pants. They didn’t catch my eye when released, but these are just really lovely! And totally on trend. I just made similar, very visible mends in a cardigan and shirt today – if anyone notices, they’re looking too closely!

  4. The length is perfect, just enough slim ankle to enthuse fashionistas! Love what you did with the mending. I have found I do snippy things much less than I used to Kirsten, you only need another 25 years under your belt!!

  5. They look great! I really like the length, they will show off shoes really well at this length I think! I would never have noticed the mending without the closeup picture ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also I love how you dressed them up in the last picture, with the black top and heels!

      1. Yes, if you’re a shoe (or boot) person, then these will be brilliant for showing off your collection! I think the crepe fabric works really well too โ€“ wool crepe is my favourite fabric in the world for trousers, and I think this does a really good impression of it ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. These look great, love how they look in this fabric, I’ve been wanting to make some wide leg floral trousers, I think this pattern could be the one ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I really like these Kirsten! Good for you for getting out of your comfort zone. The fit looks perfect! I think if you are going to shorten them, I would only take off an inch like you said.

    1. Thanks Heather! Good to push boundaries occasionally. I think I’ll leave the length for now, and wear them for a while before I make any decisions about length. I’m waiting for some dry days to be able to bust them out!

  8. I love these pants on you! This is not my normal silhouette, either, but I really want to make them eventually. They look great both ways you’ve styled them!

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