I have my first big assignment due tomorrow. Its proving to be quite a boring topic. So, instead of just putting my head down and cracking on with it earlier in the week, I faffed about with the overlocker and the merino scraps left over from my Briar. Being an experienced procrastinator, I knew that if I was making something useful I wouldn’t feel so bad about it…So I made some glovelets! I couldn’t find a pattern online for any sewn ones that I liked, so I just made it up (and this took up more time, which was an added bonus).

First, I drew around my hand to make my pattern. Because I always make things more complicated than they have any right to be, I decided that I would make these gloves out of two layers of merino, so that they’re essentially self lines, and theres no seams exposed.

20140416-120609.jpg I folded my paper in half, with the folded edge running up the side of my hand next to my pinky finger.

20140416-120928.jpg This is what my pattern ended up looking like. I cut it out before I thought to add any seam allowance, which was stupid, so I had to draw that onto the fabric before I cut it out. I put the wrist edge of the pattern against the fold in the fabric, and cut out two. (I wanted the folded edge at the wrist, as I figured that would be the bit that would be stretched the most when I pulled them on, so it was better for there not to be a seam there.)

20140416-121257.jpg They don’t look very glove-like yet! I folded them in half horizontally, and overlocked the top and up each side, around the thumbs. At the last minute, I remembered to leave one of the thumbs open, so that I could flip them in the right way!

20140416-121530.jpg once they were the right way out, I folded the raw edges of the open thumb inwards, and sewed them shut.
To close the gloves up and make them wearable, I hand sewed the join from wrist to the top of the thumb hole, and then up to the finger openings.

They were a bit boring, being just plain grey, so I cut some little hearts out of some red felt I had lying around, and sewed one to each wrist. I also sewed some quick slipstitches around each thumb opening in red embroidery silk, just to add some interest!


I think I put these together in a really silly way, thinking about it now. I should have folded them in half vertically, rather than horizontally at the beginning, and overlocked them together up the side. Then I could have just folded the bottom half up inside the top half and sewn around the top seam, and turned them in the right way and only have the thumb opening to hand sew closed (I have no Idea if that makes any sense, its probably about as clear as mud! Its hard to explain things without a visual reference…) but never mind, they’ve turned out ok.


They’re really good at keeping my hands warm when I’m typing, so that’ll be some comfort as I spend the rest of this afternoon writing the second half of this essay…only 1000ish words to go!

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