Planning my winter wardrobe

Its funny, when I started thinking about this blog I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to come up with something new to make every week. Instead the opposite has happened, the more success I have sewing, the more confident I feel, so the more projects I start planning! Its getting to the stage where I think I need to slow down and organise my ideas a bit more, or I’m just going to have a random mishmash of handmade items that I don’t wear. So, for the winter, I would like:

1) A Papercut Patterns Coppelia cardigan

I already have some cherry red merino washed and ready to cut out for this pattern, so its a definite plan! I really wanted a fitted cardigan to go over my dresses for winter, so this is perfect.

2) Some long sleeved tops. I really love the Coco by Tilly and the Buttons, or the Renfrew by Sewaholic. Everyone and their mother seems to have made the Renfrew, so it must be a good pattern, but I think I prefer the Coco. I love a good breton top! I also have Grainline Studios Hemlock printed out, so that’ll get made at some point. I’m thinking a plain front and sleeves, and a floral or otherwise pattered back, if I can find the fabric.

3) A merino knit dress. I’m tossing up between the Lady Skater and the Out and About dress

The Lady Skater is another pattern that seems to be beloved by the online sewing community, but the O&A dress has pockets, tough decisions! Through if I buy the Coco pattern, theres a long sleeved dress option there too…

4) I’m also having feelings about the Rigel Bomber by Papercut.

I’m so not a bomber jacket person, but I’ve seen some awesome versions made up, and I really want something to throw on thats heavier than a cardigan, but lighter than my wool coats (and that isn’t a hoodie). Also, these amazing wools have just arrived at the Fabric Shop, and I cant stop thinking about them…



I also have my Archer pattern cut out and ready to go, but I’m still a bit scared of actually jumping in and getting started. Maybe when I’ve had a few more successes…

So, any opinions/suggestions/tips/tricks for any of the above would be most welcome!


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