Happy Feet

At the beginning of the year I jumped on the #2016makenine bandwagon over on Instagram. I knew that I’d have no trouble making nine items over the course of the year, so I chose nine items that I knew would be big, involved projects, or that had tricky elements that I thought might trip me up. This is what I came up with:


Top row: Laule’a Socks, Jujika Cowl, Cascades Sweater

Middle row: Waver Jacket, Boylston Bra, Ginger Jeans

Bottom Row: M6696, Madeleine Dress, Kielo Dress

Well, we’re at the end of January, and I’ve completed the first item on my list…


…the Laule’a socks! This is the first pair of socks I’ve ever knitted, and I’m so glad I chose this pattern. They’re knit in Quince & Co. Lark in the colourway Belize, and the 10 ply wool made them so quick to knit. It also make it much easier to pick up the stitches along the edge of the gusset, and to generally see what I was doing. The gusset was the bit that really worried me, I was struggling to figure out how it would work in my head. Like with most knitting problems though, it was much simpler to figure out once I had the physical object in front of me!



These are more like slippers than socks, realistically. I don’t think they’d fit in any of my shoes! But they’ll be really nice to wear around the house, and they’re lovely and warm. I’d love to have a go at knitting some finer socks later in the year, they seem like they’ll be a good portable project. I knitted these on double pointed needles, but I think circulars would be better for ease of transport.



I really enjoyed knitting these. Google tells me that Laule’a is Hawaiian for peace or happiness, so thats nice and fitting! I like the spotty texture that the purl stitches give to the socks, and the pattern was really simple to memorise. I did find that I had a little hole at the top point of each gusset on my first sock from picking up the fist stitch, so on my second sock I picked up a loop from the row below and then knitted it together with the first picked up stitch. I have no idea if thats a legitimate way to do it, but it worked! Look at me, troubleshooting my knitting problems…



I’m very proud of my socks! Now if only I could convince Zelda kitty that they aren’t her chew toys, especially when my feet are in them…

And now a barrage of questions for knitters: What sock patterns would you recommend? Benefits to top down vs toe up? DPNs or Circular needles?And can I ask for blocking advice? Do you bother to block your hand knit socks? Help!