Art Deco Weekend 2016 (and #vintagepledge part 1)

This year I’ve decided to sign up for the Vintage Pattern Pledge, as I’ve collected a few really cool vintage patterns in the past year, and I always find it helpful to have some sort of event to keep me on track! I’ve started pretty small, with a pledge to sew or knit at least three patterns this year. Realistically I’ll probably sew three things, but I thought I’d leave my options open for knitting just in case, there are some amazing vintage knitting patterns around!


So last weekend was out annual pilgramige to Napier for their Art Deco Festival (post on 2015 here). As usual, the weather was stunning and we spent the weekend dressing up and eating gelato and sharing a cute cottage on the waterfront with friends. I had meant to make at least one new outfit for this year, but then my sewing malaise took over, and I couldn’t be bothered making a bunch of stuff that I only wear once a year. Most unlike me, but there we go! I did manage to make two new things, one of which counts towards my vintage pattern pledge this year.


The skirt is McCalls 6993, a reprint of one of their 1933 patterns. I started out sewing with vintage patterns (actual, single size, minimal instructions vintage patterns, nothing like starting out easy!), but I’ve been pretty firmly on the indie pattern train for the last few years. I really enjoyed sewing this skirt though, I do love the details you get in vintage patterns and I liked having all the modern pattern markings and instructions to help me out! 


I was slightly worried about the fabled ‘big-4 ease’, and so I measured the pattern pieces and decided to sew one size down from what McCalls reccomended. The skirt has that classic 1930s silhouette and is very slim fitting through the hips, so I was slightly worried that I hadn’t given myself enough ease after all, but I think it turned out perfectly. The pleats made it really easy to walk around in, and the shaped facings rather than a waistband meant that it was very comfortable to wear throughout a couple of large meals on a very hot day!


The fabric is a lovely medium weight slubby cotton from the Fabric Store, and the facings are a more tightly woven smooth cotton that I had left over from something else (it might actually be what I used to line my Lonsdale top last year, now that I think about it…). The lined pointed yokes are my favourite thing about this skirt, they look awesome! I wore it with the Lonsdale dress bodice/top I made as part of my Beach Pyjama set last year, and wore a RTW top with the other half (Holly Trousers) another day.


Unfortunately, the invisible zipper I used instead of a standard zip popped open on Saturday evening, leaving me properly stuck in the skirt! In the end I had to cut the zipper tape away from the pull to extract myself. I think I might sew the back seam closed and put a lapped zipper in one side seam instead, it’ll be more sturdy and easier to get into. I was so miffed, but at least its easily fixed!


The other thing I whipped up for the weekend was a cotton seersucker kimono to throw on with my beach pyjamas, to keep my back and shoulders out of the scorching sun for a while. I used view A of Simplicity 1318, which was really quick and easy to sew. I think it might have been better in a drapier fabric though, the seersucker is a bit voluminous and I kept feeling like it was going to blow off me! I was happy with this outfit though, I was trying to copy this seaside outfit I found on pinterest:


I think I managed to get a similar feeling, though I covet her beads and hair style. My hair is too stubbornly straight to even hold that subtle a wave for longer than a few minutes!

I also revamped my hat from a few years ago, I’ve been inspired by the Honorable Miss Phryne Fisher’s magnificent hats, and felt that I could do better with mine! Could still be more fabulous, but I don’t think it looks too bad.


So that was Art Deco Weekend for another year! Lots of lipstick, lots of sunshine, lots of fun with lovely friends (and thanks to Lauren for being my very obliging photographer for the weekend!).