Satisfaction sewing

I hope you aren’t sick of listening to me gush all over this blog about how much I love the things that I’m sewing, because I’m totally in love with this weeks dress! I’ve had a really lucky run over the last six weeks or so, everything just seems to be coming together nicely. I think this is partly because I’m getting better at picking patterns and matching them with good fabric, and also because my sewing is just plain getting better. This week I made myself version B of the Alder Shirtdress, by Grainline Studios. I’ve already waxed lyrical about my love of Grainline, I love their aesthetic and I’ve always had amazing success with Grainline patterns, and the Alder was no exception…


I made up a straight size 6, with no alterations (except for taking the hem up an inch instead of only half an inch, because I thought it would sit better). The fabric is a lovely Japanese cotton lawn I ordered from Miss Matatabi on Etsy, and it was luscious to sew with! I love lawn, its really nice to wear as well. If I’m ever heading somewhere tropical, this will be my dress of choice! Its so floaty and breezy. This is somewhat troublesome in Wellington, as we always have a bit more breeze than one might like…



I love the gathered skirt, it makes the dress just a bit more interesting and girly, especially in such a light fabric. I decided to leave the pockets off, I’m not a huge fan of breast pockets! I love that about sewing my own clothes…if I don’t want it, I just don’t add it. I’m especially pleased with how the collar turned out, I used this tutorial from Four Square Walls again, and it was easy peasy!


I used french seams throughout, except for the gathered panel, with is overlocked. I’ve always hated gathering fabric, but using three lines of basting as instructed by the pattern instead of the two I would usually use made a huge difference. The whole lot just seemed much more stable and better behaved. I managed to keep my gathers even when sewing as well, which helped. I like the attention to detail and care which has to go into sewing a neat collar and button band, and the rest of this dress was interesting and fun to sew as well. The whole process was intensely satisfying, really!



I was planning to take this dress (and my two latest projects, my Scout and Moneta) up to Auckland this weekend for the Rolling Stones, but the forecast is for rain! Disaster, I’m going to have to rethink everything! If only i had my waterproof Malu finished…

I finally managed to get Monsieur behind the camera for these photos, though he managed to take a few extras when I wasn’t paying attention. This one is the “stop arseing around and give me the camera, now!” face, for your entertainment…