Rise and Fall

An alternative title for this post could be “Sewing clothes I hate wearing to see if I like them more once I’ve made them myself”, but I thought that was a bit of a mouthful. See, I have a bit of a conundrum, I hate having a cold neck (or even worse, having a cold breeze blowing down my back!), but I also hate having things tight around my neck or across my throat. Generally, turtlenecks make me feel claustrophobic and a bit panic-y, but I keep seeing all these stylish ladies wearing them and I was jealous of how warm and toasty they must be! So I thought I would have a go at making my own, using the Papercut Rise and Fall Turtleneck patterns.


I made both versions, to see if I preferred one over the other. Rise is a classic turtleneck, with set sleeves and a short, close fitting turtleneck. Fall is looser, with a drop shoulder and a much longer, looser turtleneck which can either be folded over on itself or left scrunched down like in these photos. My Rise version is a black merino/lycra blend, and the Fall turtleneck is made out of a dusty rose coloured merino, both from the stash. I sewed both up with my overlocker, and used my coverstitch for the hems, so they’re looking nice and neat! I used a standard two needle stitch for the hems on the black one, as I have lots of spools of black thread, but I had to use a single needle chain stitch for the pink one because I only had a tiny bit of matching thread left, nowhere near enough for two rows of stitching!


I cut a size XS in both tops, which is my standard size when I’m sewing Papercut Patterns. I was slightly surprised by how short both tops came up, both in the body and the sleeves. The sleeves on the black version in particular are bordering on too short, but I don’t want to add cuffs! I find them a bit fussy, and I like how simple the lines on the Rise turtleneck are. I’ll just need to remember to add a couple of centimeters to the length of  them if i made it again! The sleeves on the Fall turtleneck are a better length, I think I might have turned up a smaller hem since I was using chain stitch to sew the hem.


I’m surprised I like them both as much as I do, but I’m even more surprised that I prefer the Rise version to the Fall! I assumed that the looser neck on the Fall would be more comfortable to me, but the turtleneck on the Rise is loose enough that it isn’t pressing on my throat, and because it’s short and light it doesn’t collapse against my neck like the Fall version. I also prefer the slim set in sleeves over the dropped shoulders on the Fall, I keep feeling the dropped shoulder seam rubbing on my upper arm and thinking it’s my bra strap slipping off my shoulder! Either way, they’re both stopping the Wellington southerly gales from getting down the neck of my tops, which I’m appreciating at the moment.


One thing I haven’t figured out yet is quite how to wear either top when I need layers. They look ridiculously preppy if I wear them under my Driftless Cardi’s, like I’m in costume as a stereotypical librarian or something. Any suggestions? Maybe I just need to wear them over a superfine thermal layer or something. I would like to have a go at layering them under some dresses, I can’t stop thinking how cute the Rise would be under a pinafore style dress like the Tessuti Claudia or the Closet Case Patterns Fiona


16 thoughts on “Rise and Fall

  1. I was surprised to see you go for this style since I know how much you dislike the “claustrophobia” of high necked tops, but they really suit you. I hadn’t realised this pattern came with two different versions, I do prefer patterns that flexibility – makes me feel like I’m getting my money’s worth.

    1. I didn’t have high hopes for the wearability of these tops, to be honest! I figured I could always cut the turtlenecks off and turn them into crew necks if I couldn’t stand them. I’m glad they’re alright though 😊

  2. Love this pattern and your makes. I too have issues with turtlenecks being too tight. I’ll give this pattern a try. Your tips are very helpful.
    Did you make the wonderful skirt you’re wearing with it? If so I’d love to know which pattern it is.

  3. You could wear them with the slip dress you made a while back! I agree about the turtlenecks…thought I would hate them but they feel so cozy, especially if the neck is on the shorter side and doesn’t need to be folded over.

    1. I could do, I hadn’t even thought of that! I think the lack of bulk is key, the Rise feels much lighter and less restrictive than the Fall neckline just because there’s less fabric there 😊

  4. I have the same problem with knowing what to wear on top. I like the way turtlenecks look but the second I put another layer on top I feel extremely unattractive – one of those things where I don’t feel that way about seeing it on other people but just on myself.

  5. They’d look cute with your York pinafore… preppy yes but cute. Also you could try the free Nani Iro top 5 pattern and wear it layered over the top…

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