2017 in review

Happy New Year! I’m not joining in with Gillian’s Top 5 challenge properly this year, but I’ve rounded up my five favourites from this year, and from past years, and I thought I  might as well follow up on my 2017 make nine progress as well. Hopefully not too much navel gazing for you, so early in the new year!

Ok yes, I’ve cheated slightly with my top 5 of 2017. I couldn’t choose between my Safran and my Ginger jeans, especially after they’ve been on my to-sew list for so many years! I also couldn’t choose which pair of Flint trousers I like more, so I put my black and terracotta pairs in. It’s the same pattern, so it barely counts right? I also had to include my sandals, for sheer novelty factor and the immense satisfaction I got from making them. My Kelly Anorak also makes the cut, it’s been one of the most useful things I’ve made this year and was a great garment to take on my 5 week trip to the UK (if it had been slightly waterproof it would have been perfect!). My final pick is my Bronwyn Sweater, which was one of the most challenging and fun things I’ve knitted so far. I knitted most of it in 2016, looking at my ravelry page, but it was finished in time for winter 2017 so I’m counting it. I love all those cables, and it was lovely and warm throughout our crappy winter. Honorable mentions have to go to my merino Driftless Cardigan, which gets worn most days, and to my long sleeved Melilot Shirts, which also got a heap of wear this year.

For my top 5 garments from previous years, I had to start with my Genoa tote from last year. I use it every day, and it’s still going strong! I love the size and the leather and the handles, and the toggle inside for my keys has saved me hours of useless rummaging every evening. Next is my Wickerwork pullover. It’s still my favourite jumper, I just love the texture and the colour so much. I wish I had knitted it in a nicer wool than Cascade 220, but I’ve learned my lesson! It gets a regular shave with the de-piller to keep it looking nice. This winter I unraveled the neckband and knitted it a bit higher, and bound it off tighter, and I’m so happy with how it sits now. No more cold droughts down the back of my neck! I’ve worn my first Driftless Cardi so much that it’s getting bald spots at the elbows and hip (where my bag rubs), so I had to make a new one this year so I could alternate them. My Waver raincoat is another item that gets a bunch of wear, even though I can see so many mistakes I made whilst sewing it (whyyy did I shorten the sleeves??), and the lining is shredding along the raglan seams. I’m planning a waterproof Kelly Anorak for this autumn, so this one might get retired this winter, but it’s had a very useful life! Finally, my knit Scout tee from the very beginning of 2015. It’s made in a bamboo knit from Blackbird Fabrics (I think it was from their opening week!), and it’s still going strong! I must wear it about once a week, I love how soft and comfortable it is. I should really look for more bamboo knits…

Finally, this is what my #2017make9 collage looked like. After not really succeeding with sticking to the specific plans I made for myself in 2016, I thought I would try a more flexible, mood-board style approach for 2017. It doesnt seem to have worked much better though! I didn’t make the velvet tee shirt (though I have plans for a black velvet Kobe Top for later this summer), or the moto style jacket, or the wrap skirt or midi skirt. I did make a sheath dress, jeans (two pairs! have I mentioned that? once or twice? I might be a bit pleased with myself), a woven wrap dress, a tee dress and some high waisted shorts (which haven’t made it to the blog yet). So it wasn’t a total failure, but I’m not going to bother doing it again this year. I know what I want to make now, but that doesn’t mean that I’ll want to make them later in the year! There are too many new patterns coming out, and my style seems to be fairly changeable these days too (who knew at the beginning of last year that I’d be all about the cropped trouser trend by the summer? Not me!). 2018 is also going to be pretty busy for me, I’m going to be working on the research project that is the final step in achieving my Masters in Information Studies this year, which I imagine will keep me occupied! Anyone who wants to know about the information seeking behaviour of Registered Nurses in a clinical environment, come and talk to me…

Finally, thanks so much to everyone who reads my ramblings, and who leaves comments and encouragement and advice! I appreciate it so much. I love being part of this community, it must be one of the nicest corners of the internet (and that means a lot, especially these days). I know 2017 has been pretty rough on a lot of people, so here’s to a happier, kinder and just generally better 2018!

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