All Yellow

In early January I was invited to the wedding of two of our friends. It was in north Canterbury, so I assumed it would be incredibly hot, and I really wanted to make a strappy sun dress to wear. When Sew Over It released the Rosie Dress pattern I knew that I had my dress!

It had the full skirt and spagetti straps that I was looking for, and I liked the sweetheart neckline. The fabric is a Liberty Saville Poplin that I got on sale from The Fabric Store (pretty much the only way I’ll ever buy Liberty is when it’s on sale!). The Poplin was a good choice, even though I was looking for Tana lawn, as I didn’t have to line the skirt.

It’s a big skirt! I like how it has the flat portion at the centre front, it’s a bit more flattering than if it was gathered all the way around. 

Here is the obligatory (super awkward) twirling shot! 

I wish I could say that everything went really smoothly and that I loved this dress, but it just gave me so many issues. I had problems with the fit, and I probably should have either done an FBA or just gone up a size entirely. I’m not happy with the widening and flattening effect it has on my boobs (though my strapless bra doesn’t help with that, to be fair).

I had a bit of a nightmare with the bodice lining too. Everything was sitting nicely until I put in the boned lining, and then the boning stretched out the small amount of ease in the upper bodice, meaning that the neckline stood out from my body from the front princess seams around under my arms. I could have used it as a collecting bucket for small fruit or something, I was so annoyed! I had a whinge on Instagram, and tossed it aside in a huff. Thankfully Nikki had the excellent suggestion of easing it into some stay tape, which I dutifully did. It’s now a little bit wrinkled where it’s been eased in, but it sits much better. 

I did get it done in time to take down south, but I didn’t wear it to the wedding in the end. It’s funny, I thought my Anna dress wasn’t very me, but this dress is much much less me (I wore Anna to the wedding, and felt really good). I just feel uncomfortable in Rosie, and it’s not just that the fit is off. In fact, I’m so sure that I’m not going to wear it that I’m considering taking the bodice off and putting the waistband from the skirt variation on. I think that the skirt paired with a white silk Cami or a cropped Willow tank would be more wearable, and would make me feel less like I’m in a costume. 

So I am a bit disappointed in this one, I don’t like feeling like I’ve wasted both time and fabric on a dud! I’m glad that I have a plan to rescue some of this fabric though, because I love the colour. I guess you can’t win them all…


19 thoughts on “All Yellow

  1. Hey, not to be a cow or anything but you were well overdue a wadder Kirsten!! So much goodness has come out of your sewing the past year!
    I love the colour on you, but unfortunately agree, the top of the dress could be more flattering if it weren’t so square. Funny, whenever I look at the Sew Over It patterns I see them modelled on that gorgeous skinny girl and besides thinking – “nope I’m too old for that malarky”, I also think, “man, those clothes look great on her, if only I were flat chested too”! You did a lovely job and rescued the dress beautifully, it will make a very pretty skirt.

    1. ^^ lols! I think we are always way harder on our *fails* than we need to be. But doing a side-by-side with your Anna dress I can see why you chose to wear that, and why you don’t like this one. I think it’s a great idea to make a skirt.

    2. I agree, it looks lovely on other people who have made it, especially the SOI samples! I think I’m too boob-y and too short waisted for the bodice (without modification), in hindsight. Ah well, at least I’m figuring out what suits me, one wadder at a time!

  2. It’s a shame but you’re right, we can’t win them all! There’s something just out of balance with the top. I say rescue the skirt like you suggested, it’ll be very wearable!

  3. I think the dress looks really nice! If I saw you in person wearing this, I would think, “So pretty!” I do believe, as sewers, after we have put so much careful thought and time into something that doesn’t turn out the way we envisioned that we are more judgmental of our own makes than others are of them.

    But there’s no denying that if you don’t feel comfortable in it, then you won’t wear it, and I can see what you and other commenters mean about the bustline. But I wouldn’t call it a “wadder” (which implies poor quality workmanship), just not your preferred style! Very nice work anyway!

  4. Oh man I hate when wadders happen! Usually they put me in a deep, deep funk. I hope you fared ok! I agree that the skirt will be great on its own and probably a more versatile garment anyway.

  5. The skirt version will be fabulous and you’ll wear it all summer long. I’m sorry the Rosie dress didn’t work out for you – I tried a similar shape on me a few years back (V8725) and it made my waist disappear completely! I think with the Anna pattern, the neckline has the opposite effect – and I really love your version so I can see why you went with that instead.

  6. Hi,
    sorry to hear you’re not happy with the dress after all that work, but I think the colour is pretty and I agree with the others- go for the skirt! Also, you Anna dress looks fab!

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