2016 Top Five


It’s that navel gazing time of year again! I love reading everyone’s annual round ups, and I’ve enjoyed participating in Gillian’s top five series for the last two years (I’ve nearly been blogging for three years, that blows my mind!). This year I was only going to to my top five hits and misses, as my goals and reflections are pretty much the same every time, but when I was looking though my posts for the year I realised that I wouldn’t class anything that I’ve made this year as a miss. I’ve had less sewing time this year, so I think I’ve been more considered and careful in my general approach which has only benefited my sewing as a whole! This morning I saw Katie’s top five post, and I really liked how she made a list of the garments which weren’t sewn this year, but which are still being worn regularly. I find that I fall out of love pretty regularly with stuff that I’ve made (I’ve just sent a huge pile to a local charity shop), so I thought I’d be a shameless copycat and do the same in the hope that it might reveal some common trends.

But first, here are my Top Five Hits for 2016…

  1. My 1960’s Party Dress


It’s been worn to two weddings this year, and I’ve felt amazing in it both times. I adore the fabric, love the shape of the skirt and the neckline, and I feel like it’s a solid addition to my wardrobe. I can’t think of many formal events it wouldn’t be appropriate for!

2) Waterproof Waver Jacket


A water resistant jacket is an absolute necessity in Wellington, and this one served me well over the winter (and Spring, and Summer so far…thanks Welly), too short sleeves and all!

3) My Leather Genoa Bag


Another happy marriage of pattern and material! It’s so practical, and so pretty, and I’ve had so many complements on it since I finished it!

4) Wool Crepe Alexandria Trousers


They’ve been an excellent alternative to jeans, and always make me feel a bit more dressy, even though they feel like pyjamas. What more could I want?

5) Helmi Dress


This one surprised me, but I love it! I wore it to my work Christmas party, and I’ve worn it out a few time since I finished it, and it’s so comfortable but still looks so cool.


Top Five most worn from previous years:


Probably nothing too surprising here! My first Southport Dress had so much wear over the summer, I’m looking forward to pulling it out again soon. The mustard Brume skirt is a favourite for the weekends all year around, I love wearing it with fleecy tights. My Cascade Coat is still one of my biggest sewing achievements to date, and it got just as much wear this winter as it did last year. Same goes for my Wickerwork Jumper, its just so squishy and cozy, and now that I’ve bought a de-piller, it’s looking just as good as when I finished it! Finally, the oldest of the bunch, and probably the most worn, my knit scout tee. It still gets worn about once a week, I love it so much! The fabric is still holding up really well, its only showing a little bit of wear. In fact, I’m wearing as I write this post!

I’m intrigued that no knits made it into my top five this year. I’ve sewn a lot of tee shirts this year, but I suppose they aren’t really top five material! I definitely like my basic easy-to-wear clothes, as evidenced by my most-worn. If I put together a similar list next year, I’m sure that there will be a huge number of Lark Tee shirts on it. I definitely haven’t been wearing my Scout tees as much this year, a few of them went in the donation bag. Though that was more due to changing taste in fabric than because of the pattern. I feel like I’ve moved away from the sack silhouette I was sewing a lot last year, even my Helmi dress gets belted rather than left loose. I did buy the Grainline Studio Farrow and Willow patterns in the Black Friday sale though, so who knows what’ll happen when it gets hot again?

And finally, here are two of my favourite things from the past year:


Mr Scotty!


…and Zelda! We’ll have had them for a year next week, I love their fuzzy little faces so much ❤

10 thoughts on “2016 Top Five

  1. Gah, the cuteness of those kittens!!!!!! You distracted me from your lovely sewing with cat faces! Must focus. Interesting reflections about knits, fabric choices and silhouettes – seems like you are moving towards a more tailored modern silhouette, with some more luxe fabric choices? I wonder if some kind of blazery-jackety thing would work well in the mix?

    1. I think I’m probably getting better at fitting wovens, I’ve had some success with tweaking patterns this year so that has probably helped! I would like a blazer, that might be next year 🙂

  2. I love the new look of your blog, by the way. You’ve done a great job this year. I think my favorite piece is actually that leather bag. It looks very luxe. I’d like to learn how to make leather bags myself.

  3. Look at those cute cats!! I love their spotty tummies.
    I know it’s not a competition but I think I would vote for your party dress too.

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