Pyjama Party!

Last month my beloved Peter Alexander fox covered pyjama pants suffered a catastrophic fabric failure, rendering them somewhat unfit for function (the bum fell out of them, in short). I was pretty sad, they were so comfortable and soft, but I had been wearing them and washing them for over 4 years, so I suppose it wasn’t unexpected! Obviously that meant that I should make another pair of Carolyn Pyjama pants, out of a super cute Cotton + Steel cotton print. Before I show you them though I’ll start with a pair of Carolyn Shorts which I made way back at the beginning of the year, when we were experiencing some seriously hot summer nights, and which I never got around to blogging…


Zelda the fuzzy photobomber busted her way though the door just as the timer on my camera went off…

These shorts are made from a lovely soft Japanese cotton lawn which I found at Spotlight. They’re made exactly as the pattern instructs, but I piped the pocket opening as well as the cuff just because I thought it looked cute.


I made the piping from some hot pink bias tape, I like how it picks up the pink in the print (try saying that five times fast). I made size 8 shorts again, same as my previous pair.


The tee shirt for both sets of pyjamas is a Scout Tee, made up in soft cotton knit. I love making knit Scouts, they’re such a comfortable shape to wear, especially for sleepwear. I cut the smallest possible size, like I did last time I made it in a knit, and just winged it when making the neckband.

My latest pair are pretty basic, to be honest. I didn’t bother with cuffs or piping, I just let the super cute fabric be the focus! It’s a Cotton + Steel print, from their recent From Porto With Love collection. Its a bit heavier than the Japanese cotton I used for the shorts, but that’s ok for Winter. I’ve never used C+S quilting cotton before, and it is rather nice. I have a length of it ready to be made into a dress for Summer (alsoa navy cat print, I’m so predictable), so I’ll be interested to see how much these soften up with repeated washing.


I seriously considered making a size 10 for these, but stuck with an 8 in the end. I’m not totally convinced I made the right decision, they are slimmer than I’m used to for pyjamas, but they feel comfortable enough!

I love this fabric, the chunky little cats remind me of my own chunky little cat! I asume that the pattern is meant to look like the gorgeous blue and white ceramic tiles that cover buildings in Porto, so I love that they remind me of the amazing week I spent in Lisbon and Porto four years ago. Portugal remains one of my favourite places that I visited on that trip, I’d love to go back!

15 thoughts on “Pyjama Party!

  1. Great pants! They look like they fit beautifully. I need to be making the same, but find it hard to get inspired to make nightwear.

      1. I haven’t tried sewing with piping. But now I want to. Do you use pre-made or have you made it yourself or what works well for you? I saw some tutorials on youtube for it, where they wrapped some string/cord, but I am unsure of what string/cord to get.

        1. I usually make my own with bias tape and piping cord which I get from my local craft store (I would assume you can get it from any craft/sewing shop) in whichever thickness I want my piping to be, but I’m pretty sure you could use any soft woven cord. I find I get best results if I fold the bias tape in half and put the cord in the fold, then sew the bias tape closed around it. I usually use my zipper foot so that I can get my stitching really close to the cord. Then I baste it in place before sandwiching it into the seam, so that it doesn’t shift around!

  2. Super Jim jams, I’m going to need some long bottom now the weather turning chilly (wet and windy, don’t leav me summer!) I’d love to try flannel ones, your shirts are fab too, both in lovely fabrics

  3. These are both great!! I have an Archer made from C&S cotton and it softens up more and more with each wash and wear. I love it!

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