Tiny woolies and some pretty knitting kit.

This last week I went a little bit crazy knitting baby hats. I’ve just finished a fairly large knitting project, and I wanted something little and fun while I waited for the wool for my Bronwyn Jumper to arrive. As several of my friends are pregnant or have new babies (all girls, which makes it easy), I thought I’d have a go at some baby hats. And they were so fast to knit and so cute that I ended up making four over the course of last week! 

Aren’t they adorable? Both patterns are from Purl Soho, and all of the wool is Quince and Co. Lark (except for the light grey, which is left over Brooklyn Tweed Shelter from the aforementioned big project, and the dark grey which is Cascade 220) 

The first pattern I tried is the free Garter Ear Flap Hat, in the baby size. I was able to get both pink hats out of one skein of Lark, with a little bit left over. I really like the shape of the hats, the ear flaps are so cute! They’re shaped with short rows, which are really easy to knit neatly in garter stitch (I still struggle to make the wraps look nice in stockingette). I knitted the grey one first, and then played around with adding the coloured brim to the next two. I really like the colour combinations I chose, the teal is left over from my Laule’a socks, and I think it and the pale grey look cute with the pale pink but not too sweet or girly.

I will admit to not being the greatest fan of garter stitch, especially in the round! I’m just prejudice against purling, and one of the best things about knitting in the round is that you usually don’t need to purl! Not so here, obviously. It is lovely and squishy though, and the texture is rather nice. I am considering playing around with the pattern to convert it to plain knit, I’ll just need to figure out how to stop the rolled edge rolling too far. Maybe I could just do a few rows of garter stitch instead!

After three garter ear flap hats in a row, I decided to change things up and use the Basic Hat Pattern from Purl Soho. I didn’t want it to be too basic though, so I improvised a little bit of colour work using the left over wool from the other hats. I really love how it turned out, its so cute! I think I like this pattern more, its more versatile and I can imagine designing more exciting colourwork patterns for it. I love the pom pom as well, I think its the best one I’ve ever made! Sarah from Fabric Tragic pointed me in the direction of a Fork Pompom tutorial, and it was so much easier than faffing around with cardboard discs. And its such a good size for a baby hat!

And now to the knitting pretties…A couple of months ago I recieved an email from Meg, who runs Wellington based business Rose Marlow, asking me if I would like some of their gorgeous knitting accessories in exchange for giving them my opinion. I was a little surprised, no one has ever approched me with a similar offer, but after having a look at the Rose Marlow Etsy store I was keen! They make lovely modern project bags and stitch markers, as well as selling NZ wool. Meg assured me that there was no need to blog about the items, and so I sent all of my feedback via email, but to be honest I love the things they send me so much that I’m quite happy to talk about them here!

I particularly like the project bag, its a really good size for small and medium projects. I had all of the wool I used and all four baby hats in it with room to spare, and also managed to fit my massive scarf in it when I was working on it. It also fits in my handbag, which is great. The best thing about it though is that it zips shut, perfect for keeping light fingered cats out of my knitting!

I also recieved these lovely stitch markers, made out of gold and marble-esque glass beads and stored in a little polka dotted bag. I think what I really appreciate about both of these items is that they’re chic and modern, rather than basic plastic or the fussy vintage aesthetic which seems be be so popular with crafting accessories. Its nice to see something different! I taught one of my friends to knit earlier this year, and I’m planning to buy her some pretty knitting things for her birthday.

I hope you don’t mind a little bit of advertising in this post, I’m certainly not planning on making a habit of it! But I really do love what Rose Marlow are selling, and they’re a local buisness, so I’m happy to give them a shout out πŸ™‚

11 thoughts on “Tiny woolies and some pretty knitting kit.

  1. Aah so cute. Pompom turned out well. My friend just finished knitting a beanie for a baby so I taught him the pompom trick too, stinking cute! And yes, lovely knitting accessories. There’s always room for lovely little bags and trinkets to make our crafting even more enjoyable!

  2. I can’t remember if I’ve commented on your blog before (probably!), I’m very silent lately though! I’m a fellow Wellington blogger. Anyway i thought I’d let you know how much I admire your blog. You have lovely photos and beautiful taste! Know what’s funny, I sat behind you on a bus down taranaki street once but was too shy to say hello, haha! πŸ™‚

    1. Oh thats so funny Jo, I saw you on a bus a few weeks ago but was similarly too shy to say hi! I feel like I’ve only managed to meet half of the WSBN… Thank you for your kind words, thats always lovely to hear! πŸ™‚

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