Rainy Day Waver Jacket

It’s taken me over six months, but I’ve finally made myself a new raincoat!


This is the Waver Jacket from Papercut Patterns, made up in the shorter length with the hood (obviously). I have to admit to competely overlooking this pattern when it was released, because the samples just reminded me of the lab coat I wore for my undergrad studies! But there have been some very cute versions popping up on my blog reader since it was released, and when I decided that I wanted another raincoat this pattern fitted all of my requirements. And I’m really glad I tried it, because I love the end result!


I only made a few changes to the pattern, the major one being the addition of in seam pockets. I really don’t like patch pockets for putting my hands in (its the one thing I would change about my Cascade Duffle Coat), and when I saw that Lauren at Lladybird had added side seam pockets to her Waver, I shamelessly decided to copy her. I also took an inch off the length of the sleeves and off the bottom of the hood. The hood was so massive when I first basted it on! I think having no hair means that I’m very aware of hood size, I don’t need to worry about fitting a pony tail or anything into the back of my hood! It still feels pretty massive, but I’ll be able to fit a hat (with pompom) and a chunky scarf inside the hood with no problems, which will be excelent when it gets properly cold. I possibly over shortened the sleeves, 1/2″ might have been a better adjustment. Its not a major drama though!


I love the drawstring at the waist, I think it looks much nicer than if it fell straight from the bust. I used round elastic instead of rigid drawstring cord, which makes it more comfortable. Its also easier to get the tension right, as the drawstring comes out on the inside of the jacket and can’t be adjusted when I’m wearing it done up! I put a pair of silver eyelets in the lining for the cord to exit through, rather than using a button hole as instructed, as the lining just got chewed up by my machine, and because I thought they looked better.


I also used hammer on anorak snaps instead of buttons, again just because I thought they looked professional and fancy! I used six instead of the four marked on the pattern, as they are smaller than the recommended buttons, and I didn’t want rain blowing through the gaps! Rain comes in at all angles in Wellington, so it’s always a hazard…


I had planned on making pocket flaps to cover the openings of the patch pockets, but when I sewed them on and cinched in the drawstring around the waist, they caused the bottom half of the jacket to balloon out like there was a crinoline under there. They were just too bulky and too close to the waist, so I unpicked them. The patch pockets are now less waterproof, but the whole thing is more flattering!


The fabric is possibly my favourite part of this whole project. I found the shell fabric at Drapers Fabrics in Auckland when I was up there last year (Thanks to Bella for taking me there!), its a waterproof wool from Italy. I’ve never seen anything like it before, it feels like a crisp wool suiting but when I ran a scrap under the tap it was totally waterproof! It sewed and pressed beautifully, and thankfully the holes from my unpicking self healed like any normal wool. I couldn’t find seam sealing tape anywhere, so it’s not going to be completely waterproof, but it should be fine for getting around town in the rain!

The lining fabric is some mystery slippery stuff I got for $3p/m from the Fabric Warehouse pop up sale a few months ago. It was a bit of a nightmare to sew! Its super slippery, frays as soon as you look at it, and shreds at the slightest provocation. I underlined it with some cotton to give it a bit of strenght at the seams, but to be honest I don’t have high hopes of it lasting too long. But it’s so pretty and cheerful I thought I would give it a go, I can always replace it if it falls apart…


Big thanks to Marta and Kat for these photos, we had brunch on Saturday and then scouted out good photo locations. Its nice to have a change from my teal wall! I had unreasonable amounts of trouble getting my snaps done up in the right order, I must have had three goes at it. Always start at the top or the bottom, not at the waist!

38 thoughts on “Rainy Day Waver Jacket

  1. Such super snazzy snaps Kristen and I live your eyelets. Coats are just such a satisfying make aren’t they? I’m with you on the patch, side entry pockets are more scrum my for cold mitts. Lovely job, lots of planning but what a result.

  2. It’s great to see that fabric made up! Drapers has some of the best stuff. You’ve made a beautiful jacket.

  3. Lovely! Your Waver looks very similar to mine and it’s my most-worn outerwear currently, so I’m sure you won’t regret making it. Though I’m envious of that fabric – mine isn’t completely watertight so waterproof wool sounds amazing!

    1. Thanks Katie! I may have subconsciously stolen the idea of elastic cording for the waist from you, now that I look back at your post! I do wish I had cut a similar length to yours, mine came up a bit shorter than I’d have liked…

  4. Ooh waterproof wool! Amazing! Looks fabulous and that lining is a lot of fun. Love the eyelets too. Have you made a minoru? I’ve got that on my never ending list this year…. But like you, it’s the lack of pockets that is holding me up a bit (and let’s be real, no time!).

    1. I haven’t made a Minoru, theres just a few details on it that don’t appeal to me. It looks like a really good pattern though, I’ll look forward to seeing how you resolve the pocket issue!

  5. This is AWESOME! I’ll be honest I didn’t much care for this pattern…until I saw your make. Now I want a carbon copy….and I don’t even wear rain coats :-/

  6. What a great rain coat! I bought this pattern and some navy twill plans to make it earlier this year. I rethought it, though, because I really want something that is more water resistant. I would love to find some waterproof wool! I love how this fits you and your bright yellow lining is so fun!

    1. Thanks Teri! I love the yellow, even though is was so shifty. There does seem to be a gap in the market for water resistant fabric, it hardly ever gets to fabric stores around here. They should get onto that!

  7. Your jacket is gorgeous, I love the extra touches, round elastic, eyelets and toggles and the pro snaps and the yellow lining makes it pop.

  8. This looks fantastic!! I love the idea of an elasticated drawstring, if I make another waver coat, I will totally steal that idea. And I really like the side pockets too. I bet you’ll wear this a ton!

  9. That is sooo awesome, gorgeous. I’d love to know more about the store you got the fabric from, I’m still in need of a worksuitable raincoat that works for Welli weather. Thanks for the great inspiration.

    1. Thanks Kristina! Its Drapers Fabrics in Newmarket, Auckland. They have a facebook page and take phone orders, but no online shop. They’re meant to be very helpful on the phone though! They have lovely fabric, definitely worth a look 🙂

  10. This looks so good!! I love your fabric choice and the snaps instead of buttons. I’ve got a waver jacket cut out and am now tempted to get snaps to go with it as I don’t have buttons to match yet and the snaps look so good.

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