Carpino Pullover

This post is brought to you by the colour teal (and the letter B, for ‘bloody hell, I can’t believe it’s finally finished’)! I didn’t realise how monochromatic this jumper was against my sewing room wall, hopefully I’m not too camoflaged…

This is the Carpino Pullover, from Brooklyn Tweed Wool People vol. 6. It’s a 4ply jumper knit top down and in the round, with a mesh/lace panel on the front.

I really love the shape of this jumper, I was initally attracted to the boat neck with the i-cord neckband and the curved lines at the raglan sleeve/body junction. It didn’t hurt that the sample was knitted in my favourite mustard colour either!

The pattern has the waist shaping on the back of the jumper instead of at the side seams, and I love how it fits. It hasn’t completely removed the pooling I get at the small of my back, but it has reduced it considerably! I would definitely consider borrowing the shaping from this pattern for some others.

I picked out some Quince & Co. Finch wool for this, in the belize colourway. I loved knitting with it, its so squashy and nice! Knitting a whole jumper in 4ply wool definitely tested my patience though. Even if it felt like I had been knitting for hours, it would only have grown by an inch! Ravelry tells me I started this at the end of September, with plans to have it finished in time to wear last spring. Such optimism! It took me four months to finish the body, mostly because I found it quite boring to knit. The lace was a really simple pattern repeat, which was good because otherwise I might have found it hard to keep track of where I was…

I’m glad I have it finished, even if it is in time for Autumn rather than Spring! Its still way to hot for a wooly jumper, even a lightweight lace one, which is partly why its taken me so long to get photos. I also had to wait for a weekend when I didn’t want access to my sewing room so that I could lay it out on the floor in there to block it, as the kittens thought it was a great sleeping spot! Zelda in particular loves this jumper, she always wants to knead it and rub her face on it when she sees it out. I’m terrified she’s going to put pulls in it, but she’s been very well behaved so far…

When I was knitting this I said I would never knit a 4ply jumper again, but then Quince & Co. released this pattern in February, which is making me wonder if I should break that promise (though technically April is knit in 2ply, so maybe it doesn’t count? I must be mental, either way…)

32 thoughts on “Carpino Pullover

  1. Very nice! And keeping cats away from knitting is a losing battle…I have resigned myself to the fact that all my knit projects will have cat hair literally knit into them :-/

    1. I have a feeling that’s going to be my reality too! At the moment they keep trying to sneak off with my ball of wool, though they aren’t very stealthy. I’m trying to train them out of it!

  2. Kirsten this is a very lovely jumper and you are quite the talented knitter. I cannot believe you have a kitten called Zelda though really you must have written it at some stage and I must have read it. We’ve named our new puppy Zelda and I thought I was being original. #1 son said something about Zed having a double shadow in League of legends, I liked the shadowy idea but Zed seemed quite masculine for a girl puppy and so Zelda popped into the brain box – you’ve got such great taste!

    1. Its a great name! I’ve read a few biographies of Zelda Fitzgerald recently, and I’ve always been a fan of her husband F.Scott, so thats where they get their names 🙂

  3. It’s a lovely jumper and I admire your patience! I love the Quince & Co patterns too and was just one click away from ordering some of their wool the other day. I could stop me right before tho. But good to know they are worth the money!

    1. 18 months ago I could hardly knit at all! Its amazing what you tube and some beginner friendly patterns can teach you. Check out The Purl Bee and Quince and Co for some really good beginner patterns and tutorials, and just check you tube for anything you don’t understand. I find watching videos makes more sense than reading a list of instructions sometimes! The best thing about knitting is that you can always rescue your wool and turn it into something else if you don’t like the end result 🙂

  4. Congrats on finishing your jumper! So impressed that you made it in 4ply. I have a worsted UFO languishing. Love the colour on you 🙂

    1. Thanks Nilla, I hope so! I love your cloud mittens, I tried to leave you a comment on your post, but wordpress and blogger don’t seem to be playing nicely at the moment and I don’t think it worked 😦 but they’re gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful! Such a great job. And I warn you – my cat has been keeping me awake now for 15 years…. Oh how I wished I’d made her sleep in the bathroom all those years ago….

    1. Half of me thinks I’ll never cope with broken sleep for 15 years (parents will be laughing at me now), half of me is just happy at the thought of having my lovely furballs for the next 15 years! Wonder if its too late to train them to sleep somewhere else…

  6. You are such an amazing (and fast) knitter. I would take me years to finish a sweater like this. I love the colour on you and the fit looks perfect!

  7. This is lovely, I’ve been inspired to add the jumper to my ravelry queue. I love the colour you’ve chosen, a perfect autumn pick me up!

  8. Beautiful – I love the lace panel & the colour is gorgeous. I’ve been sticking to DK & above projects lately as they’re so much quicker! Maybe you could do a couple of chunkier weight projects as a breather before tackling the 2ply!

  9. Wait, what? A 4-ply jumper?! I take my hat off to you for knitting a jumper in 4 ply, and it’s is gorgeous. I love the stitch pattern on the front. Happy wearing!

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