(Not so secret) Secret Pyjamas

You know how people are always talking about how knit dresses and drapey trousers are so comfortable that they’re really secret pyjamas? I feel like these fit into that category, but with the (dubious) added extra of kinda looking like pyjamas too…

These are the Named Patterns Alexandria Peg Trousers, made up in a cute rayon crepe from the Fabric Store. I had bought the fabric with vague ideas to make a dress out of it, but when I bought the pattern in the Named advent calendar sale (which was awesome) I decided to put the two together instead. I really like the fabric, its light and airy and I think the drape works really well with the pattern. I do wish it wasn’t so crease-prone, but I just need to get over my hatred of ironing completed garments. (Does anyone else find that they quite enjoy pressing whilst sewing a garment, but as soon as the last stitch is tied off it becomes a huge effort to get it anywhere near the iron?)

I really like the pattern too, the pleating and pockets are a great combo (like on my Panthea Shorts, bit of a theme going on at the moment), and everything came together so smoothly. I made them up exactly as directed, I didn’t even have to shorten them which surprised me. I do wear them right at my waist though (thats just where I find elastic waistbands mose comfortable), so they would be too long if I wore them lower. 

The pockets combined with my extreme high-riding waist give me a serious case of unflattering-trouser-bum, but I’ll never wear anything tucked into an elastic waistband anyway so its ok! Good to know that the pockets are too high for me though. If I made them again I would consider skipping the back pockets, especially if I used a patterned fabric. I keep thinking that they would be really nice made up in a lightweight wool crepe or similar for Autumn.

My biggest problem with these is that I’m not sure how to wear them. I’ve tried them with plain fitted tee shirts, with stripes and with my lace Scout tee, and I’m just not sure. I like them best as shown here, with my grey Lark tee, so maybe I should make a few more plain ones? I want to lessen the pyjama look! Some slightly A-line sleeveless tops like the Tessuti Ruby might work too. What do you think? I’ve been wearing them around home, but I keep hesitating about wearing them out of the house, and I really want to!


22 thoughts on “(Not so secret) Secret Pyjamas

  1. They’re cute pants! I’ve made this pattern five times and with my first pairs I was definitely hesitant about wearing them out of the house, they almost feel too comfy to be decent or something! But now they’ve become great ‘weekend’ pants and a total summer staple. I wear mine low though and have raised the crotch to compensate, but I do think that they are meant to be worn high, as you do. Generally I wear them with a woven top like simplicity 1366 but have worn them with a lark tee as well. They work really well in linen too!

  2. Cute, especially with your sparkly shoes (I tried them on but fortunately or not fortunately they didn’t fit). Anyhoo have you a fitted scoop tank? I think sometimes with a fuller bottom half something pretty tight on top helps to balance it out….

  3. I think these look great on you. They look great with your gray Lark tee and I really love them with that striped tee in the last photo. I would wear them out of the house with either top!

  4. Those are just the kind of pants I’ve been craving recently! I think you look great in them, but I understand the styling challenge. Let me know if you figure out the perfect companion for these!

  5. Totally know what you mean about the ironing thing. I have exactly this issue. We should come up with a name for this completely legitimate psychological problem! Love the trousers, I always find styling tricky too but I like how you’ve paired them in your photos

  6. I really like these pants, but I totally get the styling issue. I made a couple pairs of woven Hudson pants and I have the same issue, what do I wear them with? I think a Ruby top would look great too. Maybe some accessories would help too.

  7. Oh it looks great on you! Casual but not frumpy, and I love the hint towards pajamas land with the fabric+pattern combo. I think it looks classy and self-confident. I usually pair my Alexandria with loose fitting tops, and am now making a couple of cropped Lindens (that’s how I found you blog BTW). I think the length of the cropped Linden can complement the higher waist of the pants.

    Another option is with a Blazer – have you tried the Morris from Grainline? (Sorry if I missed a post I’m new to your blog).

    1. Thanks Roni! A cropped jumper like linden is a really good idea, I’ll have to think about what fabric I have that could work. I haven’t tried Morris yet, but I’ve seen some awesome versions so its definitely on my radar!

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