Hits and Misses 2015

I really enjoyed taking part in the Top 5 blog series hosted by Gillian from Crafting a Rainbow last year, so I was happy to see it was happening again this year! I’m going to look at my hits and misses today, and then do my reflections and goals closer to the end of the year (only a few weeks away, argh!). So, in no particular order…

Top 5 hits of 2015:

1)A definite no brainer, I’m still amazed that I made this coat! I love everything about it, the amazing wool, the shape, the fit, the sewing experience. It kept me lovely and warm all winter, and I’ve finally got over my fear of it getting wet.
2) My Closet Case Files Carolyn Pyjamas. And not just because they won me that amazing prize! I loved the planning and designing that went into these, coming up with my monogram was lots of fun. 

3) Scout! My ultimate T&T. I love messing around with this pattern, and I love wearing it. I actually made 6 this year, but one was for my Mum (the other two are coming Mum, promise!).

4) Hand knitted jumpers. So warm! One of my goals for the year was to get better at knitting, and I think I definitely forfilled that aim! I learned how to knit cables (Wickerwork Sweater), short rows and shaping (both Lesley and Lila) and I’m working on a lace panelled jumper now. I even managed some fairisle!

5) Squeaking in at the last minute is my Southport dress. I love it, I’ve already picked out fabric for another one (maybe two) and I’m so annoyed that its been wet and windy this week, because I want to wear it again!

Top 5 misses of 2015:


1) My Deer and Doe Bruyere shirt. I like the pattern, and I loved the brushed double gauze, but they don’t work together very well. I also made some fitting errors which meant that it looks like a maternity shirt. Also, the mismatched plaid down the front makes me cross. 

2) Silk Chiffon Alder dress. Its probably a bit harsh putting this in the fail pile, but there are a few issues with it that have stopped me wearing it. One is the fact that it is insanely static-y, and I haven’t found a slip which works with it. I might make a Nettie dress in a knit to go under it. The collar is also a bit sad and floppy now that I’ve washed the starch out, so I might need to put some back in! I chose bad interfacing, I should have used silk organza.

3) Named Kanerva top. Just bad fabric choices! I like the pattern, but it needs to be made with a fabric with some stretch. 

4) Waton Bra. Never blogged, this is only a first trial run, so its probably a bit mean to include this one too. The longline part of the bra means its really comfortable, but the interfacing I used is shredding already and it keeps rolling up. Next time I’ll use some proper reinforcement (now that I’ve found some), but I’m not sure how to fix the rolling up problem. I considered two strips of boning in the side seams, but that seems to defeat the point of a soft bra… Once I’ve figured that issue out, I’ll use my Blackbird kit!

5) …I can’t think of a fifth! I’ve had a pretty successful and productive sewing year 🙂

22 thoughts on “Hits and Misses 2015

  1. So interesting to read your hits and misses Kirsten. Sounds like lots of detailed planning pays off in the end? Me too, I hate when I rush to get something finished but ultimately find it disappoints.
    I wondered about a rayon slip for that gorgeous alder? It’s a cellulose fibre so should play nice w poly? I think that alder is stunning on you.

    1. Thanks Lesley! I agree about rushing, but sometimes I just can’t help myself. I was thinking of a cotton knit for the slip (I’m assuming merino would make it worse), but a rayon knit would be nice too, and wouldn’t cling to tights as much as cotton. I’ll need to look into it!

  2. Yay! I’m glad you are joining in the Top 5! 🙂 I find it so fun looking through your choices, and remembering how much I like them! The coat, the sweaters, those pyjamas – all amazing! It’s shame about your silk dress – hope you can find a slip that works!
    For your long line bra, I wonder if putting in a wider band elastic would help. 1″, perhaps? Then it might slide up a bit through the day, but it shouldn’t roll?

  3. I like those hits and misses posts a lot, so interesting. 🙂 I had the same rolling up problem with my longline Watson bra, so if you find a way to fix it, please tell me. I have a Measure Twice Cut Once bra kit laying around here. 😉

  4. This was so fun to read! I love your Cascade, and it’s a shame about your Alder because that fabric is really beautiful. I hope you find a slip that works for you. I agree with your conclusion at the end – seems like you had a great sewing year, congrats! 🙂

  5. What a great year you’ve had! I too wonder about boning in the side seams of the Watson. I’ve made one and it does creep up occasionally. Could be something to look into!

    1. I think I’ll have a go with wider elastic along the bottom first, then try boning if that doesn’t work. I’ve bought the Boylston bra pattern too, so I might end up abandoning the idea of soft bras all together!

  6. You’ve had a super year. Do you have Antistatique spray in NZ? It helps a lot with static – I find silk is very static prone…. Hopefully you can find something to wear under that beautiful alder!

    1. Aw thanks! Buttonholes used to scare the crap out of me too, it took me ages to be comfortable with them. An automatic buttonhole function is the only thing I would consider upgrading my machine for…

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