Warm weather planning

Once again I’m buried underneath a mountain of schoolwork as we approach the end of the academic year, so I’m not sure if I’ll have much sewing to blog about until the end of October! It doesn’t help that the last thing I made has ended up being a total disaster, its jammed in a bag in the top of my wardrobe currently…however, I have been buying (copious amounts of) fabric, and making lots of plans for sewing summer clothes, so I figure I might as well blog about some of my plans! 

First up is another Grainline Moss Miniskirt in this navy and white striped denim from the Fabric Store. I love my cat Moss, but its a bit big around the back waist, so I’ll need to fiddle with the yoke a bit this time. I’m also going to have a go at lining it, as my other one climbs up my tights all the time, and my half slips are all too long to wear with it.

Next up is another Grainline Archer shirt in some lovely Italian cotton I bought this weekend at Drapers Fabrics in Auckland. Its really soft and lightweight, so I think it’ll be a lovely summer weight shirt! Must remember to shorten the sleeves this time, and I might try a tower placket for the cuff too.

  I know I’ve included the Ginger Jeans in my last two seasonal sewing plans, and have as yet failed to make them up, but now I have two lots of denim and the pattern printed out and ready to go, so there is really no excuse not to get them made this summer!

I’m pretty excited about sewing up View A of the True Bias Southport dress, all the versions I’ve seen have looked so nice. I’m hoping to squeeze it out of this Cotton + Steel Frock rayon.

  I figure I always need tee shirts, so I’ve been collecting fabric for new ones for a while. I’m going to try out the Grainline Lark Tee pattern for these. I have to admit to being disapointed to see that the new Grainline pattern was a tee shirt, but a few days later I did an abrupt U-turn and decided it would ve worth investing in! I’ve never been 100% happy with how my Renfrew teeshirts fit, and I love all the neckline/sleeve options that Lark has. 

Slightly more ambitious plans now, I would love view B of the ever popular McCalls 6696 shirtdress in this white cotton eyelet that I got from a designer remnants sale earlier in the year. I’m going to make a few changes (mainly taking all that gathering out of the back and removing the yoke) to work with the heavy cotton, but hopefully it works ok!

There is plenty more in the pipeline, but these are the things I’d like to get done first! There is always the possibility of urgent queue jumpers though, so we’ll see…

I also have some unselfish sewing lined up, including a Papercut Patterns Waver jacket in waterproof nylon for my sister (I might make myself one too…) and some Scout Tee shirts for my Mum. 

Looks like stripes and Grainline patterns are going to dominate my sewing for a few months! Are you a planner, or more spontaneous with your sewing?

12 thoughts on “Warm weather planning

  1. I don’t plan but after reading yours I feel it would help me plough through my enormous wish list. I’ve had the archer traced off for about a year so looking forward to seeing your version. Good luck πŸ€

  2. Good plans! By the way, I tried to line the Moss once and it was really difficult due to the fly front and the pockets. I have another Moss that I underlined in silk cotton and it worked much better! I just basted the layers together before sewing the seams, treating the two fabrics as one. It means that the self fabric shows on the inside seam allowances, but it looks tidy enough with overlooking and the skirt doesn’t climb my tights.

  3. Your plan looks great and I love the fabrics you chosen too. I’m drooling over the plaid for your archer. I’m excited to see your Ginger jeans – but be careful, jeans making is addictive. LOL

  4. I love your fabrics! Especially the cotton and steel for the Southport dress πŸ™‚ I lined my moss mini- it was quite a fun exercise actually. I can’t really remember how i did the fly, it did involve a tiny bit of handstitching but not too much drama.

  5. I had the Mcalls eyelet dress on my list for last summer but I ended up using a butterick for a similar look in black – hopefully I’ll get to the white this year. Its going to look fabulous. The Fabric store have a great selection of denim at the mo, I just picked up some for another pair of jeans.

    1. I’m slightly nervous about the McCalls pattern, its been so long since I used a big 4 pattern! Yes about the denim, I was impressed with how much they had last time I was in there!

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