My Wickerwork Pullover

After my post of disapointment last week, I’m very pleased to say that I’m unbelievably happy with this one. I’ve finally finished knitting my jumper! I’ve never really had much luck with knitting in the past, but I might have broken the curse with last year’s Miette Cardigan. I mean, its way too small for me (I’ve come to terms with that now, but I spent a long time in denial after finishing it!), but at least it came out looking like a wearable garment, and like the picture. For my second knitting project I really wanted to have a go at a cabled jumper, and I just couldn’t go past the Michelle Wang Wickerwork Pullover (here on Ravelry, or here online). I realised that I had about 5 Michelle Wang knitting patterns favourited on Ravelry, and a bunch more pinned to my ‘wish I could Knit’ pinterest board, so I must really like her aesthetic! I used Cascade 220 in the heathered ‘Birch’ colourway. I really love the colour, its a beautiful mustard with flecks of green and red to give it depth. Its also lovely and soft, I can see why everyone raves about knitting with it. My only concern is that it seems to be going a bit fuzzy on the undersides of the sleeves and other areas which are prone to rubbing after only a few wears. I hope its going to hold up ok, I’d hate to have put so much effort into knitting something only to have it turn into a pilly mess! I guess only time will tell. But anyway…  (I’ve just realied that I have while fluff on my sleeves from trying on my coat muslin…I’m using white flannel and its leaving fluff everywhere…) I had so much fun knitting this! The repeating pattern of cables is so nice and regular that I found it easy to keep track of where I was in the pattern, unlike the vast areas of stockingette stitch that made up the body of the Miette Cardigan. Even if I lost count of my rows, I managed to figure out where I was again pretty easily. I separated out each 8 stitch pattern repeat with a stitch marker, which made it super easy.     That doesn’t mean it was all smooth sailing though, I still made several cock ups! I made a major mistake when I was trying to knit in front of the TV one night (it was Breaking Bad or GoT, something that was very distracting!), and missed a row out. I didn’t notice for another 8 or so rows, so there was too much to fix by reverse-knitting back to where I had made the mistake. I dont know if reverse-knitting is a recommended technique, but I find it easier to head back to where I made a mistake that way. But this time I had to take it all off my needle and frog it back by about an inch, which was terrifying! I made sure I laid it out flat on the table and had good lighling before trying it, and it went fine. Thank god! I’m not keen to be doing it too often though, so I’ll try not to do too much knitting in front of the TV…   I was surprised by how quickly the sleeves knitted up, after all those cables the stockingette was a breeze. I has them both finished in a couple of lunchtimes! I was amazed by how interested my colleagues were by my knitting, they thought it was such a random/fascinating thing for me to be doing! Unfortunately I can’t talk and knit, so I kept having to stop so I could talk to them about it. I must need more practice!     I wet blocked the front and back, which made me very nervous. The fabric feels much stretchier than my Miette, its knit on needles which are a size bigger, and it looked huge when I laid it out wet! But I like the fit, even if it is a bit bigger than I thought it might be. I knitted a size with 2″ of positive ease, so I think its probably about right. I have sewn a length of thin ribbon across the shoulders and the back neckline, just to make it feel a bit more secure. I used a stretchy bind off for the neckline, because I was worried about getting it over my head (I don’t know why, it would clearly have fitted even without the stretch), and I wonder if using a standard bind off would have helped it feel a bit firmer across my shoulders.    The only part of the process I really didn’t enjoy was seaming it together. It was such a chore! I don’t know why I hated it so much, but I’ll try to stick to knitting in the round from now on.     I’m so pleased with how it turned out. I think it looks lovely over my Archer shirts, as well as over a long sleeved tee shirt. And its so warm. Its been unbelievably cold here over the past few weeks (-20 in some parts of the South Island some nights!), so I’m glad to have this big snuggly jumper to pull on. Its far from perfect, and I can see every mistake I made, but I’m sure thats because I spent two months working on it! Hopefully no one else will notice the stitches I turned the wrong way or the knits which should have been purls…    I’m taking a leaf from Jillian’s book (or blog), and calling this a WooHoo! Now I just need to pick my next knitting project…

28 thoughts on “My Wickerwork Pullover

  1. What a fabulous project!!! As a knitter myself I believe it’s important to have a couple of mistakes in a garment, so when people don’t believe you that you knitted it…you can show them…ha ha (at least that’s what I tell myself)!
    This sweater turned out magnificent!! I like knitting in the round, but I have to admit, being able to sew the pieces together enables me to size it somewhat if it’s too big in areas!!
    As for the pilling…You could sew some fake leather panels on the inside sleeve and down the side seams (I’d wait until you really start seeing some wear)…just a thought. jodie

  2. This is a gorgeous sweater. The fit in the shoulders is especially good on you. And I love the colour! Very nicely done.

  3. Ach, I love this so much! Looks crazy comfortable to be wearing in this cold weather (I’m currently wearing one of Guy’s work polarfleece’s) and looks great on

  4. Yay it looks great! I really love the fit. Having knitted a couple of too-small jerseys myself, I feel you pain, but I think you have nailed the fit with this one.
    If you’re worried about pilling, take thyself to Briscoes and buy a de-piller. It’s a little battery operated doodad that MIRACULOUSLY removes pills and leaves knitted garments looking like new. Trust me, it’s amazing.

  5. I love your sweater, that color is amazing on you. I had a similar problems with Cascade 220 pilling. I have become very very picky when selecting sweater yarn in the past few years. It is so disappointing to knit up an entire sweater just to have to looking shabby after a few wears. Personally, I have had better luck with lesser processed, scratchier wools. However, I made a few things from Cascade Eco that immediately turned into a mess of wooly little balls before the projects were even completed. I now avoid Cascade altogether, their prices are nice but their sourcing and processing are questionable. I also try to check out the Ravelry comments on the yarn and focus in on comments regarding long-term wear.

    1. Thanks for the tip Naia! I was considering Cascade Eco for my next project (I’m struggling to find aran weight wool), but I’ll steer clear now! I’m still not too sure what I should be looking for in yarn, other than weight and colour…I was seduced over to Cascade by the softness and range of colours but I’ll look at other brands for my next jumper 🙂

  6. Wow!! You sweater knitters really impress me – I just do not have the patients. This looks so snuggly and warm, and I love the colour on you too!

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