Technicolour Dream Coat Blazer

It officially the first week of Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere, but I don’t think anyone has told Wellington that! Its still really hot and muggy (especially at night, I’m looking forward to that ending!), and if it wasn’t for the fact that its getting increasingly dark in the mornings I wouldn’t be thinking about the changing season at all. That may be why I have made this incredibly summery, unbelievably colourful Victoria Blazer, even though it isn’t exactly seasonal anymore…


Its so bright! Its easily the most colourful thing in my wardrobe. I found the fabric in a little vintage fabric store called Sew Love Tea Do in Auckland when I was up there at the end of last year, and I seriously waffled about what to do with it. I only had about a metre of it, so a dress was out! In the end I decided it would make a fun blazer, and after my initial experiment with the Victoria Blazer I thought I would try it again. My tweed Victoria is obviously too big, so I went down a size and I’m much happier with the fit on this one!


I didn’t have enough fabric to even consider pattern matching, but I tried to match patches of colour across seams, which I think was actually pretty successful. The lapels blend into the pattern across the front pretty well! I did have some problems getting the collar and lapels to sit properly, they just wanted to roll out towards the sleeves. Under stitching the lining helped a little, and catch stitching the lining to the armscye seam seemed to help more, but its still sitting a little funny around my neck. Sort of ballooning outwards a bit. You can sort of see what I mean in this next photo…


I don’t know whats caused it, maybe I made an error when I was cutting it out. I’ve decided I can live with it!

I think what makes this jacket really nice is the lining. Its a wonderful coral coloured silk satin which I rescued out of the remnants bin at The Fabric Store years ago, before I started sewing seriously! I’ve been hoarding it ever since, too scared to use it. It was a bit of a bastard to sew with, shifty and slippery as anything, but I managed to wrestle it through the machine and its turned out ok. I didn’t have enough to line the sleeves too, which makes me a bit sad because its lovely and soft! I did have enough to use for the cuffs though (just as well, because I forgot to cut them out of my main fabric with the rest of it, and I didn’t have big enough scraps left when I realised my mistake!). I interfaced the silk, as it would never have been stiff enough to hold the shape of the cuffs on its own.


I must admit that I was deeply unsure about this blazer when I was making it…its just so bright, I wasn’t sure what I would wear it with, or when. But now that its finished, I actually really do like it! And it goes with lots of stuff in my wardrobe, because I have so much navy and grey, so I’m not sure what I was worried about. And I finally used the BHL label which came with my Holly Jumpsuit pattern! Thats the only BHL pattern I’ve bought directly from them, all of my other ones have come from Dresses and Me, and they don’t come with the official labels (though Penny does put cute little Made by Me labels in with her parcels). So that was exciting!


This might be my last post for a few weeks, as Monsieur and I are moving into our new house next weekend! I’m really looking forward to getting everything organised the way I want it, and getting my sewing room all set up, but I’m dreading the thought of packing (should really get started on that) and the actual physical moving part. Why don’t I have a teleporter??

29 thoughts on “Technicolour Dream Coat Blazer

  1. Thanks for your fabric shopping advice, I got some amazing Marc Jacobs stuff from The Fabric Store in Wellington. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the fabric warehouse but I wanted to. Oh I love the colours you have chosen for the blazer, perfect for when the weather gets dreary (as it inevitably will).

  2. I think it looks lovely, and you’re right – with lots of neutrals you’ll get heaps of wear out of it. I think a lot of people have had collars that haven’t sat quite right with this pattern, and I’m pretty sure a big part of that is the fact that it doesn’t have a facing – I’ve seen a few with self drafted facings that behave a bit better. I guess that’s the compromise a designer has to make if they want a pattern that’s more beginner friendly…. But it’s easy to draft a facing from the lining pattern and Connie Long’s Lining book comes as a very reasonably priced Ebook and has awesome instructions for many types of linings. Good luck with the move!

  3. its absolutely gorgeous. i love the colours and as its such a tidy shape i dont think it would overwhelm any outfit. great use of pattern also. and best of luck with moving house …..

  4. The pattern across the collar look looks great. I love the bold print on the back. I think it is Perfect for brightening up winter

  5. Great colours, you are the embodiment of a summer garden party! Good luck for the big move, and a huge congratulations on the house. How exciting.

  6. Wow what a gorgeous blazer! I love love love that fabric and the contrast coral! 😄

    Good luck for the move!

  7. Wow! An amazing make in a gorgeous fabric! I bet you will get loads of compliments on this one. 🙂

    1. I wore it yesterday, and two of my colleagues said they liked it, so thats always a good sign! I never know how to respond to people complementing my hand made clothes, if I should say ‘thanks, I made it!’ or just ‘thanks!’…

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