Summer uniform (for a Grainline fangirl)

So far I have spent 2015 eating, watching the cricket (come on Black Caps!) and sewing up a storm. It’s been very pleasant! Wellington has been hot and humid for the past week, so I decided it was definitely time to make myself some shorts. During the post-thanksgiving sale period I bought myself a copy of The Maritime Shorts pattern from Grainline Studio (along with the Linden Sweatshirt pattern, expect to see that sometime soon!). I’m still a bit scared of making trousers, as I don’t know where to start with fitting issues, but I’ve always had such good results with Grainline patterns, and the Moss skirt fits me really well, so I thought I’d give them a crack.


I’m definitely glad I did! The fit is spot on, and they came together beautifully. All the fabric came from my stash (thank god, its overwhelming my sewing corner a bit at the moment!), I originally bought this khaki cotton drill to make a bag out of. Its nice to wear, but it creases like nothing on earth! I ironed them, sat down for about 10 minutes and then took these pictures, and look at the state of them!


20150107-112344-41024185.jpgObligatory bottom pictures, sorry about the blinding glare from my pale self…

Looking at that last picture, it does look like theres a bit of pulling towards the inseam. I wonder if thats always there, or if its just the way I’m standing?

I made these exactly as instructed, except for adding 2″ of length to the hem. I originally planned for them to be cuffed, but I actually really like the length with them uncuffed. If (when) I make them again, I might add another 2″ so that I can cuff them! I used some floral cotton from my stash for the pockets, they make me smile when I put them on. I bound the outer leg seams in the same fabric because I thought it would be cute to have that little glimpse of the binding at the cuffs, but now it’ll probably never be seen! It was still good practice though, I’ve never done bound seams before. I have discovered how much I hate making bias tape…so tedious!


I also whipped myself up another Scout tee, just after the epic frustration of my silk velvet adventures. I really do love this pattern, can it be counted as a tried and true pattern after three iterations? I was stoked to find this DKNY lace in the remnant bin at The Fabric Store, after waffling about how expensive it was to buy off the bolt. I had just enough for the tee, though sadly I was about 3″ short of being able to cut the sleeve hems along the scalloped selvage and escape hemming altogether!



Its all french seamed, as I was a bit worried about sewing over the ‘holes’ in the lace, and the sleeve hems are just turned up 1/4″ and stitched. For the neckline, I didn’t want anything harsh like a strip of white bias tape, so instead I put a line of stitching at 1/4″, which eased it in slightly, and then ironed it over and stitched it down. Its really nice and close fitting, no gaping at all, which I’m sure is down to the initial line of stitching. I’m counting on the lace not fraying, or I’ll be in trouble! If I had some sheer mesh or something similar I would have used that to cleanly bind the neckline, but oh well! I love the scalloped hem, its so pretty.


I’ve been wearing these two items so much! The shorts have been worn every day since I finished them (except for today, since its a bit cooler), and I’ve worn the tee several times (again, not today because its in the wash). They’re both such simple, basic pieces, but they suit my lazy holiday lifestyle perfectly.


Hope you’re all enjoying your holiday, if you’re still off work, or that your first week back hasn’t been too much of a shock to the system if you’re already back!

30 thoughts on “Summer uniform (for a Grainline fangirl)

  1. Nice shorts and top Kirsten, very wearable and a good launchpad for more perhaps? Its not easy to see whether the shorts need a bit of a scoop out of the rear curve, the front might have showed some of the dreaded – nah, can’t write that, but you know what one gets if the crotch curve sits too close to the body! My pattern making teacher recommends making crotch curve adjustments in very small increments – 5mm at a time. I’d do this in a toile lest you ruin your perfectly lovely khaki shorts! Sometimes its nice to have a good pair of bottom huggers and the cotton will no doubt give w wear, though it is likely to shrink w a wash too. I did a lot of crotch tweaking (beats twerking in the long run!) on a pant block a while ago and would be happy to give you my 2c worth if you want it!

    1. Theres plenty of room in the front, happily! No camel toe πŸ™‚ not that you can tell, with all those creases…I might have a play around with the crotch curve in some cheap fabric, I’m keen to get it right with this pattern!

      1. Is the ‘room’ in the front plenty in that if you put men’s anatomy in there it would fill it out? Mine did that and it was horrible (can’t tell from your front photo – sorry). The fix for that was to take in the front crotch curve (like bringing the left and right leg together a bit). If you don’t have that issue ignore me! I can send pattern photos I took of mine at the time if you need them.

        1. Haha, not quite! Room enough to put my hands in the pockets and feel like I have a full range of movement without getting a wedgie. I have a pattern drafting book somewhere, I’ll dig it out and have a look. If I get stuck I’ll come to you, thanks! πŸ™‚

  2. Love the scalloped selvage edge as a hemβ€”looks so cute and very polished! I’m a grainline junkie, too, although I have yet to make any bottoms. Maybe this summer!

    1. They’re such good patterns, Jen must be some sort of drafting wizard! There are really good tutorials for sewing a fly front zip on the Grainline blog too, which made it much less scary πŸ™‚

  3. Nice combo! Maybe try lengthening at the proper lengthen shorten line. I’ve found if I just add length at the hem in some shorts it can cause some weird bunching. Much easier to do than crotch changed…. I could well be wrong though!

    1. I feel like a bit of an idiot, that didn’t even occur to me! Thank god for the internet! I’ll try that too. I’d really like to lengthen the pattern into trousers for winter, so I’ll need to have a play…

  4. I got the Maritime shorts pattern last year but didn’t get it made before our Summer’s end. I am looking forward to trying them this coming year. Your outfit looks great! The lace is a great choice for the Scout tee.

  5. I love this outfit. The shirt is unbelievably cool, but I like the shorts too, although I’m not a shorts type. πŸ˜‰ After your advice to give the Grainline Studio patterns a try I bought some at the Thanksgiving sale and now I’m a fan, too. I’ve already made a Linden, which I wear all the time, and started with a Moss skirt. And I think I will have to make a Scout tee as well after seeing yours and all of the other cute versions that are popping up everywhere at the moment.

  6. I, too, love Grainline. I’ve only done the Archer and the Linden but have made the Scout a zillion times including as a long-sleeve merino wool jersey dress with pockets! It just is my baby. I have the same lace as you and also made a Scout with it!!!!

  7. This is my kind of uniform. The shorts look great and the top is lovely. I have made quite a few scout tees myself. They make great work tops.

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