WIP begone!

You know how last week I was all “sewing so good, yay dresses, lalala, go me!”? Well, this week is going to be something of a rebuttal to that…


I finally finished my Malu coat. Which I am pleased about, because it has been sitting in my sewing corner staring reproachfully at me for about two months now. I just had so many issues with it! Everything started out with a hiss and a roar, my fabric was (and still is) awesome, I found lining fabric in exactly the shade of yellow I wanted, everything cut out neatly, the shell went together easily…then I tried it on, and felt completely swamped by it. Initially I thought this was because the collar was too wide, and came up to my nose when it was zipped up the top! I took it off, and shortened the width of it by about 3″. This definitely helped, but it was really just quite big all over. So I lopped about 5″ off the bottom, and decided against putting the bands around the hem. Again, this improved things, but I still wanted help! I took some pictures and stuck them up here, and helpful people offered awesome suggestions about ways to make it better. I love the internet!


The general consensus was that it needed some waist definition, so I took a suggestion from Frederike, and added a drawstring to the waist. This was simple enough to do in theory, I just sewed a strip of ready made bias tape around the inside of the waist to house the cord, and whacked a couple of eyelets in the front over the pockets to pop the drawstring through. Unfortunately, I whacked one of the eyelets a bit too enthusiastically, and punched it nearly completely through my fabric. I wanted to cry! Instead I just tossed it back into the corner, and ignored it for another few days. I managed to pry the eyelet out without doing any more damage to the fabric, happily, and with the addition of some heavy duty iron on patching to the reverse of the fabric the eyelet went in ok the second time. I should have reinforced the fabric before trying to put such a big eyelet in it, obviously, but its easy to say that in hindsight…


At this point, it looked pretty much nothing like the pattern envelope! I decided to just carry on, and see what I ended up with. I got a bit stuck with the cuffs, as the sleeves were miles too long, but I ended up just folding the cuff in half and attaching what has been the top edge to the lining and top stitching it down. I ended up doing quite a lot of topstitiching, because my coated cotton outer just doesn’t press well and I struggled to keep things flat. I also had to stitch along the zipper through the facing and the front of the coat, because otherwise the flap just pulled open and exposed the zipper, which was annoying. I added a pocket to the inner facing for my phone/ipod, but I wish I had sewn the zipper through the facing and jacket outer on that side too.


I feel like this post is a bit rambling, so I’m going to make a pros and cons list so that I can be sure I’ve said what i wanted to say!

-I really like the Malu patten, I think its cool and fashionable, and i love that it comes with so many options (hood and two collars, zipper or buttons, long or short)
-I really like my fabrics. The outer is a coated cotton by Orla Keely from the Fabric Store, the lining is a silk/cotton from the Fabric Warehouse. The zipper is also cool, its hard to find a metal toothed, coat length separating zipper in Wellington! This one is from Made on Marion.
-The welt pockets went in really easily, given the thickness of all those layers of fabric
-The drawstring looks really cool, I think
-The hood is a great size and shape, and feels secure on my head. I haven’t tried it out in a howling Wellington southerly yet, but I feel like it’ll stay put!


-While the fabric and the pattern are both great, they probably aren’t so great together. The coated cotton is a bit stiff for the exaggerated silhouette of the Malu, it would be much better in a nice wool or something softer
-I don’t really like that the zipper tape is just sewn onto the front of the coat. Its a bit messy! And the way the outer coat kept pulling away from the zip really annoyed me. If I had thought about it, I would have figured out a way to encase the zipper tape and secure the outer to the facing at the same time.
-I’m not totally convinced about the shape of the back/sleeves. Thats just a personal preference, because I’ve seen them look awesome on other people!


So all in all, not a perfect success, but much better than I thought it would be for most of the construction period! I guess I can’t win them all. I’ve also decided to toss this into the #coatalong being run by Lindsay and Bella, because seeing their progress shots on instagram gave me the kick in the arse I needed to get it finally finished!

14 thoughts on “WIP begone!

  1. Congratulations on your pretty awesome coat! 🙂 I’m glad the drawstring idea was helpfull and I think you worked it out really good. Your fabric is wonderfull, pity that doen’t work well withe the pattern. But nevertheless, you did a great job and should be proud. 🙂
    I finished my coat for the coatalong last week, too, but couldn’t make pictures yet. Not enough daylight hours, you know. 😉

  2. Despite them cons it has turned out very well, considering all the alterations you had to make on the fly! My word I love that fabric and it’s definitely doing a lot to hide any of the issues you might be concerned about. A solid colour would have been harder to hide behind! I’m hoping its in the 30% off sale at the fabric store tomorrow in Melbourne……. Great work and revel in your unique and beautiful coat!

    1. Thanks 🙂 I’m looking forward to that sale too! I need more fabric like I need a hole in the head, but I’m still going to have a ‘look’ (I totally have a list already). Hope you find what you’re after!

  3. It looks totally pro from here! I think the combination of your outer and lining fabrics is spot on, the yellow really lifts it, and the drawstring looks great. I can see this being so useful in a Wellington winter. Also, so glad you joined our little coatalong!

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