Stripes for Summer

I had a bit of angst about what I should make out of this wonderful striped rayon blend knit (from the Fabric Store, of course), so I asked the internet via Instagram. Colette Moneta? Or a modified version of a Megan Nielsen Briar? Both are patterns I have made before, and I’m planning to make both again anyway, I was just waffling over fabric! The majority vote was for a Moneta, so I dutifully obliged. Sometimes its wonderful not to have to make decisions for myself!


I made the short sleeved version, obviously, with a few changes after my last attempt. I shortened the bodice by about an inch, since the weight of the skirt pulls it down to an unflattering point on my short torso, and took the bodice in under the arms, tapering to the waist. I also took about an inch off the length of the sleeves, to make them more capped. I just think the length suits my proportions better!


I also dropped the back lower, I’m a bit obsessed with scooped back necklines at the moment! I think its sexy, but not obviously so. Not that there’s anything wrong with cleavage, of course…Thats my biggest worry with this dress, actually. I feel that the high neckline combined with the stripes makes me look a bit Dolly Parton-esque!


Mono-boob aside (what?), I do really like this dress. I love the stripes, and the swishiness of the skirt, and the fact that it is just really really comfortable! It looks just as good with black or brown, and I think it works equally well with my red Keds, ballet flats, sandals or heels. Yay for a dress for pretty much any occasion! It does look best with a belt, I think I need to look into doing a sway back adjustment if I make it again. I also love the lining! I’ve never tried lining a knit bodice before, but it works really well, especially with this thin, clingy knit. I used a remnant on Lyocell knit that i had in my stash. The lining also gives a really nice clean neckline, so I didn’t have any problems with it stretching out as I tried to hem it with my twin needle. I do think I should have maybe reinforced the neckline with some clear elastic, just to stop it sagging over time. It didn’t seem to stretch out when I wore it the other day though, so hopefully it’ll be ok!


And here is one last gratuitous shot, purely to get my favourite shoes in! Can’t believe that I didn’t get them in any other photos, rubbish photography!


14 thoughts on “Stripes for Summer

  1. Great dress! I think it looks fantastic in the stripe, and you bear no resemblance whatsoever to Dolly Parton! I’ve been considering making some Monetas as they look like they’d be great for travel.

    1. Thanks! I think they would be great for travelling with, and comfortable to wear for long trips too. I’m definitely bringing mine up north at the end of the month when I head up for the Rolling Stones!

  2. Sorry for the following Off-Topic, but:
    OMG, the Rolling Stones?! Have you already see them before? I saw them some years ago here in Germany and it was great!! I’m a bit jealous but of corse I wish you a breathtaking evening. Hopefully I get the chance to see them again.

    On the dress, it’s pretty cool. Such a great wardrobe staple! 🙂

    1. Gutted that you missed out on seeing them, I hope he’ll be better by the end of the month! Thanks, I think the monoboob may have been caused by the bra I was originally wearing it with, it doesn’t seem as bad in these photos 🙂

  3. I agree– you don’t look like Dolly Parton at all! The dress looks great. I really like all of the versions of this dress that I’ve seen. It has such a professional look, probably due to the bodice being lined. I like the scoop back, too!

  4. Super cute, I love the modifications you made to the pattern! I think I definitely need to take some length off of the bodice on mine before I make another version, I have the same problem as you with the skirt pulling it down!

    1. Yeah, I found it really helped! I had to unpick the skirt of my first one twice before I got it right, it was such a pain. I think adding the lining helped to make it a bit more stable too, the lyocell isn’t as stretchy as the rayon knit. Anything to stop me needing to unpick an ovelocked seam!

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