Flora/Holly in action!

First sunny day, out with the camera! This is going to be a photo dump, be warned. Also be warned about the incredibly pale pair of legs you’re about to be subjected to. They haven’t seen any UV for about 6 months!!




This is the wrinkliest fabric in the world! It looks like it doesn’t fit at all, but its just the fabric, honest! It doesn’t feel like its pulling or anything, unlike how it looks in these photos…

Also, as I was taking these I realised that the lady who lives next door was standing out on her first floor balcony watching me run backwards and forwards to my makeshift tripod (my camera sitting on a book balanced on the drying rack. Surprisingly successful!). It was a bit awkward! So I moved around the house a bit…



The only place I think it might be a bit tight is across the back of my hips, I might let the darts out a bit before I make my trousers! I am also a bit worried that I may have sewn the sleeves in backwards, they’re a bit restrictive. Though I can’t lift my arms above my head without giving myself an enormous wedgie anyway, so I guess its not really a problem!

6 thoughts on “Flora/Holly in action!

  1. Yay, thanks for your in action-shots! And summer, come back here!! 😀 Your playsuit looks really pretty, I love the wrap detail, it’s very flattering 🙂

  2. Thanks Nilla 🙂 I think I might have to treat this one as a muslin, and have a go at making another one though, the longer I wore this one, the more fitting issues I discovered! All part of the learning process, I suppose…

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