September Round up

Daylight savings started last weekend! I’m kind of gutted to be getting up in the dark again, but its definitely worth it to have a few more hours of sunshine in the evening. It feels like we really are heading into summer now!
My spring sewing plans are in full swing, and I’ve made some things i’m really proud of, so its been a pretty good month really.


This month I made my cats-in-bow ties Moss mini, a variation on a Sewaholic Renfrew Tee and a Sewaholic Belcarra, and finished my Miette Cardigan. I learned so many new techniques this month! How to put in a fly front zipper, how to sew french seams, how to KNIT. I’ve worn my Moss mini a few times, and get asked where i got it every time, so thats kinda exciting. I love it, its a really comfortable, easy skirt to wear, and it has cats on it, which makes me smile. My Renfrew has also gone into rotation with the rest of my tee shirts, but I haven’t worn the Belcarra, its not quite silk tee weather yet! I haven’t had a chance to wear my Miette out either, as one of my knots came undone and one of the sleeve cuffs started to unravel! Disaster! I caught it pretty early, and managed to pick up the dropped stitches using a darning needle, so I think it’ll be ok…obviously need to leave longer ends to weave in.


This is my current stash of fabrics for spring sewing projects, all pre-washed and ready to go. The two striped pieces in the top corner are random lengths of silk chiffon which I dug out of the scrap bin at The Fabric Warehouse, I’m not sure what I’ll do with them but I couldn’t pass them up for $5 a pop. The grey and white cotton lawn next to them is for my Grainline Alder, all the way from Miss Matatabi in Japan (thanks to Bella from Bellbird for that dangerous recomendation). Then there is the black and white coated cotton for my Malu Coat, floral cotton lawn for a Sewaholic Hollyburn, a striped cotton for a BHL Flora, and a pink Lyocel knit, all from the Fabric Store. Finally, a navy polka dot poly blend for a BHL Holly from The Fabric Warehouse. Phew! I can’t wait to get stuck in, its such a shame that work and university take up so much of my sewing time…

I’ll finish up this post with a picture of some of the beautiful cherry blossom trees near my house, they’re so beautiful at the moment!


9 thoughts on “September Round up

  1. That cotton lawn looks lovely! Sorry/not sorry for telling you about Miss Matatabi haha! You are so disciplined with your spring sewing stash, I think I could learn a thing or two from your seasonal fabric organisation.

  2. I have totally made the same mistake of cutting my ends too short and having them unravel. It’s a good thing you noticed before it was too late… I haven’t always been so lucky. I have, however, learned to cut longer ends.

    By the way, your Miette looks fantastic! Andi Satterlund’s patterns are so wearable. 🙂

  3. Oh am writhing in envy at your ORLA KIELY COATING! Can’t wait to see what you make with that! I’ve a vintage 60’s raglan sleeve raincoat pattern that I’d love to make up in a crazy Orla print. I’m such a fan……

  4. Can’t wait to see your spring makes 🙂 Now you’ve mad me a bit sad though that we’re heading into fall, winter, cold and darkness here in the northern hemisphere…

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