Bow ties are cool, ok?

I’m so excited about this latest sewing adventure! I know I’m supposed to be hard at work on my assignment, but I really felt I couldn’t postpone this any longer…


…my amazing cats-in-bow ties fabric, made into a Moss Mini! (I know I look seriously unimpressed, but I’m actually really excited!!)

I love this skirt so much. I don’t know what it is about Grainline patterns, but this and my Archer shirt are my two most favourite makes so far. It may have something to do with the fact that I also feel like they’re my neatest, best made garments, as well as being more challenging than my average sewing. They also seem to fit me really well, straight out of the packet!


I spent a really long time trying to match up the cats at the seams, but I clearly mucked it up some where, because I originally had a row of mirrored cat butts down my centre front seam! I don’t know how I managed that, but I decided that it really wouldn’t do and cut another front half which matched up pretty well. I also got my cats lining up pretty neatly along the pocket lines, but not so much along the side seams or centre back. But I figured that I couldn’t win them all!

(Pocket matching)

The fly front zip insertion gave me a few palpitations, I was really struggling to put the steps together in my head. I used the tutorial on the Grainline blog, and took it slowly, and it went in pretty well. Now that I’ve got my head around it, my next one shouldn’t take over an hour like this one did! I did make my life a bit more difficult by buying a metal toothed zipper, without thinking about now much more difficult it would be to shorten. It took about half an hour with my jewellers pliers, and a whole lot of grunting and swearing, but I eventually yanked out enough teeth to sew the waist band on, and even managed to re-attach the zip stops, to make it look all fancy! Next time I think I’ll just buy a shorter zip…



My final challenge came when putting on the waist band. I was so pleased with my pattern matching across the pockets that I didn’t pay much attention to the part in the instructions that says that the pockets are supposed to like up with the side and centre front seams, rather than sitting flat behind the skirt fronts. This meant that my skirt was a wee bit wider across the front than it was meant to be, so I had to really ease it onto the waistband! But I managed ok, and had enough of an overlap to put the button on, so all good in the end. (I also managed to snap my button in half while I was trying to be flash and sew it on using my machine, which was a pain. But then I got to rifle through my mother in laws button collection, which was fun. Must start buying buttons!)


I overlocked all of the seams, and did a faux flat felled seam down each side to help everything stay flat around the pockets. I also used bias tape on the hem, as I really liked the length it was unhemmed. I also lengthened the hem by an extra row of cats (very precise units there, I think it works out to be about 1.5 inches) its a short skirt otherwise, and I’m only158cm tall.

There are only a couple of things that I’ll change for my next Moss Mini (because there will be at least one more, I’m thinking deep green wool for next winter…). I’ll take a wedge of fabric out of the centre back yoke seam, so accommodate my slight sway back, and I’d like to try adding in a lining, as none of my slips are short enough to wear with this one without folding over at the top, even with the extra inch on the hem!

(It is a little bit big in the waist at the back, but not too bad)

I really do love it. Cats in bow ties on a cute skirt, what more could a girl want?
Also, I went to see the new Doctor Who episode at the cinema this weekend, so I have Who on the brain…I’m pretty excited for the rest of Peter Capaldi the new Doctor!

14 thoughts on “Bow ties are cool, ok?

  1. Oh it’s truly fantastic. I too get an immense sense of satisfaction when I make something that has a really nice finish on the insides. You’ll get so much wear out of this, it will make you smile every time you pop it on!

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