Raspberry Coppelia

Recently, my mum asked me if I could make her a Coppelia cardigan. We found some lovely raspberry pink merino (at the Fabric Store, of course), she likes bright, warm colours to wear with her ‘Wellington Business Black’.


I was all ready to get sewing when I realised that I hadn’t asked her to try mine on for size! We’re not hugely different shapes, though mum is a few inches taller than me, but I needed to make several changes to the fit of the cardigan. Glad I checked first, I must be learning! Unfortunately, I cut my patterns out in my size, rather than tracing them, mostly because I’m lazy…In the end, I just added 1cm on to all of the seams, and added about 5cm length to the whole thing so that it would cover the waistband of her skirts and trousers. I also lengthened the ties, so that it can be tied in the front or back.
I did have a minor panic when I realised that I hadn’t cut out the neck band, and then slightly more of a panic when I realised that I didn’t have enough fabric left to cut it out with the extra length that I had added to the front…then I remembered how much I had stretched the band on my original Coppelia and decided it would be ok to just cut it at the standard length (and happily it was!)


But anyway, after all of my self made complications, mum likes her cardigan! It fits and looks much better on her than it looks on me in these photos…she said she got a few complements on it when she wore it to work on Monday. Unfortunately she won’t be wearing it again for a wee while, as she broke her wrist at the gym on Monday night! Poor thing, I knew gyms were dangerous places. I’m trying to think of things she can do without her dominant hand to occupy herself while she’s off work, she isn’t very good at not having something to do…

In other news, my Miette is coming along slowly! I’ve cast it on five times so far but this latest attempt seems to be sticking, I’ve even managed to use up my first ball of wool. It has a few random eyelets where there should just be stockinette, and theres a few stretches of five or so stitches where I’ve knitted instead of purled, but I’ve decided I can live with a few imperfections in the grand scheme of things! In a few rows, I’ll slip the sleeve stitches off and try it on for size.


Also, I’m finally seeing spring creeping into Wellington! There are daffodils about, and the trees are beginning to bud. The weather forecast for the rest of the week is rain and hail, but I’ll take any hint of better weather!


I love it when the Magnolias start to bud πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Raspberry Coppelia

  1. What a lovely cardigan, the colour is gorgeous. You’re a much better unselfish sewist than me, I haven’t made clothes for anybody else. Hope your Mum’s wrist is better soon. I broke my wrist once, and it’s not fun.

    1. Thanks πŸ™‚ This brings my total of garments made for other people to a staggering total of three, so I’m not that unselfish! I think its much more stressful sewing something for another person…

  2. There are daffodils and magnolias blooming in Masterton! So glad to see them poking through with all the crap weather we’re having. Lucky mum for the cardigan (I have some merino waiting to make my mum a t-shirt) but unlucky on the fracture!

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