Hemlock vol. 2: Mustard Edition

A few weeks ago, I saw a girl in town wearing a really cool cropped sweater over a collared shirt. It was yellow (always a positive in my eyes!), had dropped shoulder seams, and buttoned up the back. I immediately resolved to steal the idea (and the way she styled it) and make my own version! The free Hemlock tee shirt pattern from Grainline fitted the description pretty neatly, and I had some mustardy/caramel coloured merino all washed and ready to go.


I made the same adjustments to the fit as in my first version, and cropped the length a bit more. I also added a band around the hem and cuffs, to make it look a bit more like a sweater. To create the button band, I added an extra four centimetres to the centre back, and didn’t cut the back out on the fold. I interfaced each edge with a 2cm strip of fusible interfacing, then overlocked the edge and folded the interfaced strip under and topstitched it down. I didn’t want the band to stretch out, so I figured that was the easiest way to keep everything square! I contemplated putting actual button holes down the band, but decided that it would be a bit of a waste of time and effort, as I would never use them. Instead, I just sewed my cute black heart buttons directly through both button bands. (Also, I put nine buttons on it. Nine button holes? Not if I don’t have to!)


I really like the way it turned out! I love the colour, and the heart shaped buttons. And I really love the way it looks with my Archer shirt! Its a Grainline appreciation outfit. I think that I maybe took a bit too much width off the pattern, its not quite as loose as I envisioned, and you can see the imprint of my shirt buttons through the merino, but I don’t really care! I also like the way it looks over a striped tee shirt. Hopefully it will be a good transitional piece as we slowly move towards spring…


This photo came out a bit washed out, the colours in the other photos are much more true to life! And here is one final photo, including my smug-face…


…I’m just that pleased with it!

In other news, I’m about to start my first proper knitting project! (ie: not a scarf or a peggy square). Somewhere, a cold chill has just come over my mother, and she doesn’t quite know why…my attempts at knitting have caused her much trauma in the past!

13 thoughts on “Hemlock vol. 2: Mustard Edition

    1. Thanks! I do quite like the buttons 🙂 I loved your last BHL Anna dress, but for some reason I couldn’t submit my comment on the post! That fabric is amazing though!

    1. Thanks you! I was just admiring your Alder, I’ve just got the pattern. You’ve sold me on the gathered skirt version, I was a bit on the fence about it but yours looks amazing 🙂

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