Anima Attraction

Recently, I’ve joined a gym. This is surprising on many levels, as I have been anti ‘organised exercise’ forever! I’ve been feeling pretty rubbish all winter though, and so I thought maybe getting fit would help. There has to be some benefits to going to the gym (aside from being able to justify more cake), otherwise people wouldn’t spend so much time and money there, right? Once I had joined, I obviously needed someone to wear (and some footwear, which was a nightmare. Why do shoe makers think that women will only run in awful pink and purple shoes??), and coincidentally, Papercut and the Fabric Store were running the Anima Pant competition to celebrate their new patterns. So I bought it, and got sewing.


My first pair (yes, I made two) are the full length version, made in a black merino sweatshirting. I will never wear them exercising, as I will die of heatstroke within the first ten minutes, but they’ve been good for getting to and from the gym, and mooching around the house on weekends. Monsieur thinks they are awful, and was horrified that I was planning to wear them out of the house, but meh. Its the gym, I don’t need glamour!


If he was worried about the first pair, he thought I had seriously lost the plot when I cranked out the second lot!


To be fair, I do see how they are completely man repelling. But surely he should be glad about that? The black and white fabric is a mystery jersey which I suspect contains a lot of unnatural fibres. But they’re much lighter and more exercise friendly! I’m rather proud of my pattern matching across the front and back and pockets, I have to say. The black cuffs and waistband are also made out a mystery knit, which is lovely and soft. I almost wish I had made the whole lot out of it!


I made up both versions with no changes at all, except that I was too scared to try and put button holes for the cord in the waistband of the second pair because the black jersey I used for the waistband and cuffs was so soft and flimsy, even with a square of interfacing where the buttonholes should go. So no tie for that pair! They stay up fine without it anyway. Because I took these photos for the competition, I tried to ‘style’ them and make them look a bit better than normal. I’m wearing my Coppelia cardigan with the first pair, and my Bronte top with the man repelling pair.

Now for my big stupid mistake…I missed the deadline for the competition! I thought it was last Sunday, but it was last Friday…so on Saturday when I went to post the photos to Instagram I was too late! Honestly, what a muppet. And it was such a good competition, they had the most amazing prize packs! Oh well, the entries were all so amazing that I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have had a look in anyway. Next time, I’ll pay more attention! I promise that I’m actually really organised and on to it in real life, I just seem to let my flaky self out on the internet…

2 thoughts on “Anima Attraction

  1. I’ve just been reading your blog, I love your makes! Can’t believe your man doesn’t like your animas, I think they look absolutely fantastic! I made a pair from merino sweatshirting too and I wear them to death. Mostly around the house, but wow are they warm and comfy. Aah.

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