Impulse shopping


I was “window shopping” online a few nights ago, when I accidentally-on-purpose found myself on the Stitchbird website. Stitchbird sells seriously cute fabric, mostly for quilting (I assume, they sell by the metre but also do fat quarters and such). I saw this cat print Japanese cotton, and thought it was particularly awesome! Then I saw that they only had 2m left in stock, and had a bit of a brain explosion. Only 2m?! Free shipping!! I must buy it all before it is lost to me forever! So I did. Without having any real plans for it. So much for not buying fabric until I’ve used up some of what I already have!


Stitchbird have a stall at the Wellington Underground market on Saturdays, and I’ve bought fabric for scrub hats from there before, so I knew it would be lovely, mid-weight, good quality cotton, which it is. And they sent it to me all wrapped up in a cute little bundle with a card of swatches, which was nice. It was like getting a present!

I think I’ll make a skirt, possibly a BHL Charlotte, without the frills. I like the idea of such a grown up pencil skirt made up in cat fabric! I’ve seen some awesome versions of the Charlotte recently as well, it seems to be a really well fitted skirt. I probably won’t be making it up for a few months, I have such a backlog of projects! By the time its made, it might almost be skirt weather, can’t wait…


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