June Round Up

Wow, the end of the month has really snuck up on me! I’ve been a bit distracted, what with starting my new job last Monday…


Anyway, June has been a pretty successful month, I’ve made a couple of garments that I’m really proud of. My Hollyburn skirt has been in high rotation, its such a nice easy piece to wear (pockets should be mandatory in everything), and I like the pop of colour on a dreary winters day! I also think it looks really cute with my wooly tights and boots. I haven’t managed to wear my vintage inspired Moneta sweater yet, I’ve been hibernating and haven’t gone out dancing for a few weeks! Must remedy that.

Then there is my Archer shirt, possibly my favourite make of the year so far. I’ve worn it four times since I finished it, its so comfortable! I’m stoked with the fit, and how well it fits into my wardrobe. I’m already planning number two, with a few modifications I’ve seen others make to make it a bit different! It taught me so many new techniques, especially the collar stand and collar. I’m also more comfortable with doing buttonholes after sewing nine on the shirt! My machine does four step button holes, so its just remembering which order to flip the dials in…

So, in brief, this moth I have made:

3 garments (Moneta sweater, Hollyburn Skirt and Archer shirt)
1 item of jewellery (little layering bracelets)

New techniques I have learned include:

Hand picked zip insertion
Collar stand and collar
Shirt cuffs
Faux flat felled seams
How to topstitch really neatly

And that concludes six months of this blog! Its gone so fast, I’m pretty proud and a bit surprised that I’ve kept it up, to be honest. Keeping a diary has never worked for me, but this seems to be ok! A quick tally of my makes so far show that I’ve made

10 tops
4 dresses
4 refashioned items
3 items of jewellery
2 accessories
1 skirt
1 jacket

Not bad for a six month haul! I’ll need to clear out some of my RTW wardrobe by the end of the year…looking at this list, I should probably be making some more skirts and maybe some trousers to balance out all of those tops!

(Also, big thanks to everyone who has liked or commented on posts, I really appreciate your support and encouragement! Yay for the online sewing community 🙂 )

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