May Round up

I know I say this at the end of every month, but i can’t believe how fast each month goes! How is it the end of May already? May has been a pretty big month for me, I’ve resigned from my job and got a new one at the private hospital up the road. I also had to make an emergency dash to the dentist, where they told me I need a root extraction, so the last two weeks have passed in a sort of painful blur. The pain in my mouth is being dulled with codine, the pain in my wallet is not so easy to get rid of! Better out than in though, I suppose!

This month I have continued my epic run of sewing knit garments, making:

-a Grainline Hemlock tee
-two Sewaholic Renfrews,
-a Colette Moneta dress
-two ‘self drafted’ tank dresses for my mum

My blue short sleeved Renfrew has probably had the most wear this month, but everything else has been worn for at least a day. The dresses for mum haven’t had an outing yet, she doesn’t head for the tropics until next month. They fit her though, despite my worries about the size of the arm holes! Must be because she is taller than me.

New skills I have learned from this months sewing include shirring knits with elastic. I didn’t realise that I had already done this on mum’s sundresses until I was making my Moneta! I’m also getting better with adjusting the bobbin tension when i use my twin needle, so my knit hems are getting smoother.

This month I also revamped my sewing space, and prettied up my blog page. I’m feeling pretty good about how my sewing skills are coming along, I feel like every garment I make is neater and better fitting than the last. I think I’m getting better at picking fabric for certain projects too (mistakes with my Moneta aside!). I really enjoyed seeing everyones MMM posts, and I think i’ll be ready to join in next year!

June is going to be another big month, between starting my new job and finishing my first trimester at uni. One more assignment to write! I’m also going to cat sit for mum for a week, so expect lots of photos of this fuzzy face…


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