Double Feature: a pair of Renfrews

Continuing on last weeks’ theme of comfy long sleeved tops (in grey and white stripes, no less) , I made myself a Sewaholic Renfrew out of a lovely thick cotton knit. I bought the 2 yards (2.2m) of fabric recommended on the pattern, and I have so much left over that I think I can probably get a short sleeved version out of the same fabric for summer! Which is not at all a bad thing.


I was in between sizes, so I made the 8, which turned out to be a bit big. It fits more like a sweater than a tee shirt! I cut the hem and cuff bands with the stripes going the other way to the body of the top (is it called the cross grain if its a four way stretch knit?) just for a bit of variety. I usually like the way this looks, but I’m not 100% convinced in this instance…


The top came together really quickly, my only catastrophe came when I cut the sleeves too short! I initially thought it would be ok, but when I wore it the other day they really annoyed me. I’ve decided that this version can be an almost-wearable muslin. I may take the bands off the hem and cuffs, take it in a bit, and maybe replace the bands with a solid grey rather than the stripes. I really like the fabric, so it would be a shame not to make it wearable! I’m also not entirely pleased with the neck band, looking at these photos made me realise how wavy it is. I wonder if a good iron would fix it?

Since I was on such a roll, and had just pre-washed and dried a load of merino fabric, I decided to cut out a short sleeved version in a size 6 and see how it turned out.

20140520-131724.jpg(This is what I look like when I need to sneeze just as the photo is taken. Not a good look!)

Pretty damn well, I think! The fit is much better, more what I was looking for with version one. I was so excited when I put it on that I did a happy dance in the bathroom :). I love tee shirts, they’re my main wardrobe staple (those and cardigans), and I’m so happy to be able to whip up one that fits and is such a lovely shape in a few hours! I’m also really happy with the way the neck band turned out on this one, I gave it a decent burst of steam when I ironed it and that seems to have done the trick.


The only changes I made to the construction of this one was to shorten it an inch (at the shorten/lengthen line, I normally never remember to do that!) and to sew the sleeve band to the inside of the sleeve, turning it up like a cuff. I like my tee shirt sleeves to be shorter! I’m considering adding a tab and button, just for visual interest.


I got the job I was interviewed for last week, so clearly my lack of adult trousers didn’t cost me too badly (I wore a dress, I was fairly respectable looking!). As a reward, I bought myself two new patterns, the By Hand London Flora, and the Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt. I’ll need to remember how to sew wovens…once I’ve finished my merino Moneta of course…

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