March Roundup

How is it the end of March already? My mind boggles. I’ve done a reasonable amount of sewing this month, which has been satisfying. Its been a rather eclectic bunch of makes though, from winter accessories to a summer blouse!
This month, I’ve sewed:

A scarf
A blouse (my Deer&Doe Datura)
A pair of baby shoes, AKA the cutest, tiniest little things I’ve ever made, and
A refashioned pair of tights.


I’ve been pretty thrifty with fabric, with both the scarf and the wee shoes being made from scraps from other projects (the scarf from my briar leftovers, and the shoes from the cotton scraps off my Datura), and i think I’ve done some of my neatest sewing this month. So I’m pretty happy with everything, really!

I’ve finally got my long-awaited merino Briar cut out, so next month I’ll be trying to pluck up the courage to try out the overlocker! I think there will be lots of trial runs…

I’ve also finished my Elisalex dress, which I’ll post about this week, but since its technically been a March make, I’ll put a sneak peek here…

20140331-195831.jpg Its a pretty average photo, because its after dark (and theres only ‘mood lighting’ in this house), but it gives a rough idea!

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