Elisalex inspiration

I am currently in the middle of wedding season, I’ve been invited to four so far this year with one still to go! I’m always surprised when my friends get married, I’m sure we aren’t old enough for that! The last one is coming up next month, and has a vintage-ish theme. I’ve been very restrained, and haven’t bought anything new for any of the other weddings (actually, I don’t think I’ve bought any new clothes at all this year, go me!) so I wanted to make something amazing for this celebration. I found this picture online a while ago, when I was looking for inspiration, and I loved the colour and the shoulder detail…

20140329-180547.jpg…though the skirt is a bit over the top for what I had in mind (and the model is frankly terrifying). The next picture that caught my eye was this one…

20140329-180755.jpg…again, the shoulder bows! I like the slim shape of this one more.

So I was pondering these, and then I came across the Elisalex dress, from By Hand London, and it all fell into place! I found a beautiful deep green silk dupion, I’ll make some bows to attach to the shoulders, and probably a belt in the same fabric to give it more of a 60’s feel. I’ve got most of the dress together, i just need to put the zip in, do the hem and hand stitch the lining down. It’s been a gorgeous pattern to sew, the only reason I’ve stopped for the day is that I’m scared of sewing in zips!

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