Pitter patter…

Eee, this weeks post is so cute I can barely contain myself!

My friend and colleague is pregnant with her first baby(a wee girl), and her last day at work is Friday. So we’re throwing her a baby shower/afternoon tea! I’ve been seeing these adorable fabric baby shoes around the internet, and I thought they seemed like a good option, since I still haven’t progressed past knitting straight lines. I used this pattern and tutorial, and it was really simple and straightforward. I especially like that they are completely reversible, with no exposed seams. I used scraps from my daffodil Datura for the outside, and lined them with some grey merino wool scraps to make them nice and snuggly.


I was all excited about how it was all coming together, until I realised that I had sewn the heel on inside out! It actually looks ok, I could have left it like that, but I decided to unpick it and sew it on around the other way so that the shoe could be all yellow or all grey, depending on which way it was flipped.

The only place I deviated from the instructions was when I got to sandwiching the upper shoe between the sole pieces. I sewed the outer sole first, then added the sole lining rather than sewing the whole lot together. I just found it easier to catch all of the layers neatly! I also left the hole for turning the shoe the right way in at the curve of the heel, rather than on a straight seam, as recomended, which made closing it up more difficult. Next time I’ll follow the instructions more carefully!

I can’t believe how cute they are! I just started laughing when I turned the first one out the right way cos it was so little. I hope they’re actually baby sized, I don’t really have much to do with tiny babies unless they’re patients, and I don’t tend to be looking at the size of their feet!

I’m currently in the middle of a week of night shifts, which is pretty much my idea of hell on earth. Its like my brain just completely vacates the premises as soon as I get home, I turn into such a flake! Case in point…

20140325-234724.jpg…i’m pretty sure I pinned those panels on the same side, but clearly not! (This is the bodice lining for my fancy Elisalex dress, I’m excited about how its coming along.) I also managed to catch the pad of my ring finger in the very end of my incredibly sharp fabric shears when making the booties, happily I didn’t bleed on them!

(Dali moustache bandaid makes everything better)


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