Autumn is here!

Ack, it is so much colder this week, summer really did just give up as soon as it was allowed! I’m not too sad though, because I love winter clothes and hats and scarfs and boots. This week I whipped up a really quick cowl/scarf using the scraps of cotton knit left over from my Briar teeshirt. I had a bit of a disaster with my Briar (I accidentally put it through a hot wash, and the beautiful rose gold polka dots turned silver! Its not the end of the world, but the silver doesn’t go as well with the creamy nude base colour of the fabric), so I’m glad that I had enough fabric pieces left over to make something else.

My photos today are all really sketchy, I had trouble with my flash and getting enough ambient light, and my face looks really weird in pretty much every photo! I was also taking them in a rush before sitting down for my first online lecture of the trimester. Its just as well I didn’t take them after the lecture, because I’m pretty sure I would have looked a bit shell shocked! But anyway…


I made the scarf as long as I could, piecing together a few different patches of fabric, so I can loop it around three times so that it fills in the neck of my coat, or just twice if I don’t need it to be quite so warm. I love how soft and snugly the fabric feels when its wrapped around three times though, it was nice when I was waiting for the bus at the crack of dawn in an arctic southerly wind this morning!


20140305-212009.jpg (Seriously face, what are you doing?!)

These are the only even remotely reasonable photos I managed to get! I tried taking some mirror selfies, and this is what I ended up with…



…so I thought I would give it up as a bad job, and go and learn about the digital divide and the information revolution instead. I was going to try and take some better photos after dinner, but then I spilled chilli on my scarf, and now I’m just going to go to bed before I fall down the stairs or something…

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