Jewellery display frames

I have a bit of a jewellery problem. I had several jewellery boxes overflowing with strings of beads and single earrings, all tangled up together. I could never find anything, and it really wasn’t good for my jewellery to be all jammed together like that! Plus I hated the clutter on my dressing table. So I took inspiration from Pinterest (I also have a bit of a Pinterest problem), and made myself some jewellery organisers that not only displayed all if my favourite pieces, but got them off my dresser and organised them neatly. Win!


The frame organisers I saw on Pinterest were often single large frames with necklaces and earrings mixed together, but I decided I wanted separate frames for my earrings, rings and necklaces. I bought three cheap wooden frames, and some assorted screw in hooks from the hardware store, as well as some pretty lace from my favourite craft shop.


The necklace frame was the easiest, I used the biggest frame and screwed a row of hooks along the inside edge of the frame. I love the way nothing gets tangled up because they all sit flat against the wall, it makes it much easier to pick one necklace out!



The ring frame was slightly more challenging, I have a lot of rings that I hardly ever wear, and a few that I wear a lot. In the end, i put two hooks on either side of the inside edge of the frame, and stretched a length of lace between them. I can string the rings I don’t often wear on the lace, and just unhook one end if I want to get one off. Its not a perfect system, but it works ok. Along the inside bottom edge of the frame I screwed some long right angled hooks, which the rings I routinely wear are sitting around.


The earring frame was pretty simple, I just stapled lengths of the lace across the frame, and then covered the staples with superglue for a bit of extra security. I think hot glue would have worked better, but I didn’t have any hot glue sticks left! I love the lace, it looks like tiny bunting. Its really good for hanging my earring in too, as studs can go in the smaller holes in the top and longer earrings can be hooked through the triangles.

I’m on holiday in the South Island at the moment, its lovely down here.

This is the start of the Able Tasman National Park, isn’t is beautiful? Art Deco Weekend is this weekend, cant wait!

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