Valentine cardigan refashion

While I was packing last week, I had a huge clean out of my wardrobe, and took heaps of stuff to the Salvation Army. I was rutheless, but I still have so many clothes! I found this cardigan in my ‘Broken’ pile, I somehow managed to lose a third of its buttons, and it was worn in one elbow and really pilled. But I love the colour, and its a nice soft knit, even if it is acrylic! I didn’t get any before photos, but it just had plain plastic buttons the same colour as the fabric.


The first thing I did was remove the remaining buttons, and then shave it to get rid of all the pilled patches (yep, shaved. With a bic razor. i don’t have a special de-pilling doo dah, but a razor seemed to work just fine, even if it would have looked very strange if anyone had walked in while I was doing it…) Then I sewed on the new buttons. I’m still not sure about them, they might be a bit Sergeant Pepper. I wanted round gold ones to go with the gold polka dots on my patches, but I may change them later.


The patches are made from scraps left over from my Briar tee shirt. I just cut out two hearts free hand, I didn’t want them to be too perfect. Then I hand stitched them on to the elbows, making sure I had them even and over the threadbare patch! Sewing them on would have been much easier if I had some iron on fusing stuff, but they do feel nicer without that extra layer. Luckily I inherited a spool of thread in exactly the right colour in the assortment of random sewing things I got from my Nana with the sewing machine.


(Why yes, I am wearing a cardigan and a scarf, even though its February. Pick up your game Wellington, we’re running out of summer!)

I had big plans to get my camera out today and take proper photos with the timer, but the battery charger has disappeared somewhere in the move…I hope its in a box somewhere, and didn’t get thrown out. So its back to selfies taken with the iPhone. I had so much trouble trying to get photos that showed the elbow patches and which didn’t make me look totally moronic/like a contortionist. I had the added complication of having to stand on a little end table to get enough of me reflected in the mirror, obviously tall people hung the mirror in the hall!

I’m hoping to get my Datura blouse sewn up before I go on holiday on Friday, I’ve had to wait for a nice enough day to pre-wash and dry the fabric! But its out on the washing line now, hopefully I’ll manage to get it cut out tonight and finished by Thursday…

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