Whistle up necklace

Well, yesterday my Monsieur and I moved across town into our new place, and everything seems to have arrived in one piece. Now I just need to find everything in our mountain of boxes. I’ve got my sewing gear, the kettle and the tea caddy, so the important things are out!

While I was packing up my stash of jewellery making bits, i found a little brass whistle. I knew I didn’t have time to do anything particularly fancy or clever, but I strung it on a length of brass chain, and made it into a simple wee necklace.


I don’t usually wear long pendants, but I like how this one is sleek and simple, but also kind of cool. And you never know when you might need a whistle! I particularly like that the chain passes directly through the top of the whistle, rather than through a bail that it dangles from.


So there we go, a super quick craft for a busy week! I start a set of night shifts tonight, which is a bummer, but hopefully it’ll be quiet enough that I can get the hand sewing i need to finish before art deco weekend done…

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