January roundup

I can’t believe its already the last day of the month! In January, I have…

Made: Three garments (one dress and two tops)
One piece of jewellery
One accessory (hat)

Learned: How to sew with knits!
How to cut out and match patterns on the bias

Not bad for my first month! I’m not sure how I managed to post two things in my first week, thats a bit odd. Just too keen to get going! Out of my new bits and bobs, I’ve worn my Briar tee shirt the most (unsurprisingly) and my necklace. I haven’t worn the hat or the Jasmine blouse yet, they’ll have their first outing at the end of February. I’m especially excited about getting into sewing knits, I’ll have the use of an overlocker soon, so that will make it even easier to whip things up!

February is going to be a super busy month, we’re moving house next week (waah, I hate moving), then we go on holiday for 10 days. Oh, and I have a set of night shifts in there somewhere too. So I will be taking on smaller projects next month! Though I did get this in the mail the other day, so no promises…


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