The perfect sunny day dress


I love print at home PDF patterns! I love that I can find something that I like, buy it, print it and get ready to make it pretty much straight away. New Zealand is so far away from everywhere that it takes over a week for patterns (or anything, for that matter) to arrive in the post, and I am just too impatient for that! This Salme Colour Block dress was a great pattern to satisfy my need for instant gratification, not only was it a printable pattern, but it only took a few hours to cut out and sew up. I wore it out today, while i was wandering around town in the sun, and got several complements on it. I only have a fairly bad selfie photo of me in it, unfortunately, but there isn’t anyone around to take a picture of me! (I’m also really reluctant to tell anyone in my real life that i’ve started a blog, and asking them to just take pictures of me is a bit strange. Is that weird?)


I love this dress, its so cool and summery. I also love that it has a fairly high neckline and sleeves, the less skin I have exposed, the less there is to get horribly sunburnt! The yoke is make of a light cotton eyelet/broderie anglaise, and the main body of the dress is just a light blue cotton. I wanted a lightweight chambray, but could I find any in Wellington? No. So I just went with cotton in the same colour! Its a bit stiff still, I’m hoping that it will soften up after a few washes. It was also a strange, narrow width, i think it was only 115cm wide. I didn’t buy quite enough, so I ended up having to cut the back in two pieces instead of one, like the front. I’m quite glad that I had that seam up the back though, as I ended up taking it in quite a lot through the shoulders and waist! I also had to take about two inches off the top of the body of the dress, where it meets the yoke, as the darts were miles too low! This meant cutting the bottom of the armscye again, but it ended up fitting much better. I think I must be quite an odd shape!



I’d really like to make a long sleeved version in a knit fabric, it would be a great dress for autumn with boots and a scarf. Sadly, in Wellington there are far more opportunities to wear warm clothes than summer ones! Today I took advantage of the VIP sale at The Fabric Store and got 40% off a beautiful grey merino knit for the long sleeved Briar I want to make. Now I just need to decide if I want to put leather shoulder patches on it, or if i want to keep it slightly simpler (and easier to wash) and just put contrasting knit shoulder patches. Decisions, decisions…

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